TO:       Rita J. Sedosky
          "Deputy Clerk"
          United States District Court
          Post Office Box 471
          Wheeling, West Virginia state

FROM:     Paul Andrew, Mitchell, B.A., M.S.
          Counselor at Law

DATE:     December 7, 1996

SUBJECT:  Your Letter Dated December 2, 1996

This is  to inform  you  that  I  have  invoked  the  Freedom  of
Information  Act   ("FOIA")  to   request  certified  documentary
evidence of  your official  credentials.   Until such  time as  I
receive confirmation  from reliable  sources that you do lawfully
occupy the  office which  you claim  to hold,  I will  table your
letter to  me of December 2, 1996.  A copy of My FOIA request for
your credentials has been mailed to you under separate cover.

There is one pressing issue which requires My immediate response,
however.   You have  allegedly invoiced  Me for  photocopying 328
pages @  $0.50 per  page, for  a TOTAL  DUE of $164.00.  I hereby
refuse your invoice, dated December 2, 1996, for two reasons:

One, I  did not order this photocopying, and there is no purchase
order on  record to  evidence any  authorization by Me to perform
such photocopying services, or to invoice Me for same.

Two, for  your information, the pleadings to which you refer were
reproduced in  triplicate by  Me.  One set was mailed directly to
your office  (see Proof  of Service).  The second set was mailed,
via Express  U.S. Mail,  directly to  Major General Ray Looker at
the Northern  Regional Jail  in Moundsville, West Virginia state,
for His signature and subsequent filing with your office.

The third  set was mailed, via Express U.S. Mail, to Mr. Looker's
court-appointed attorney, Mr. Stephen D. Herndon, at 76 Fifteenth
Street, Wheeling,  West Virginia state.  Mr. Herndon acknowledged
receipt of  this third  set on Saturday, November 30, 1996;  this
corresponds to  the information  on  the  PS  Form  3811,  Return
Receipt, which  I received  from Mr.  Herndon via the U.S. Postal
Service.   We have  taken the liberty of modifying this Form 3811
to read "NON Domestic" [sic].

However, Mr. Herndon then refused to follow Mr. Looker's explicit
instructions to  deliver this  third set  to Mr.  Looker  at  the
Northern Regional  Jail, and  then to  file the  papers with your
office after  Mr. Looker  had signed  and dated  them.    I  have
attached a  copy of Mr. Herndon's letter to Me, dated December 1,
1996.  See, in particular, the last paragraph on the first page:

     "Accordingly, I  decline to follow your instructions to file
     the pleadings prepared and signed by you."  [sic]

Thus, the  evidence now  in my  possession proves  that three (3)
sets of pleadings were, in fact, mailed via Express Mail, but Mr.
Herndon refused  to deliver  the third  set of pleadings to their
intended destination.

I cannot  take any  responsibility for unprofessional, unethical,
and criminal  conduct on the part of Mr. Looker's court-appointed
attorney.  Confer at "attorn" in Black's Law Dictionary.

Please contact  Mr. Herndon  to inquire  as to the whereabouts of
this third  set.  I understand that he is presently an officer of
your Court.   By Law, these pleadings are Petitions to Government
for Redress  of Grievances;   as  such, they are protected by the
Petition Clause  in the  First Amendment.  The U.S. Supreme Court
has ruled  that the  Petition Clause is the Right conservative of
all other  rights.   See Chambers v Baltimore & Ohio R.R., 207 US
142, 148 (1907).

This raises  the possibility  that Mr.  Herndon may be committing
acts which deprive Mr. Looker of fundamental Rights guaranteed by
the Constitution  for the  United States of America, in violation
of 18  U.S.C. 242,  which Constitution  you must  take an oath to
support,  pursuant   to  Article   VI,  Clause  3,  in  the  U.S.

It is  for this  reason that  I am  required to  demand that  you
produce evidence  of your  oath to support the U.S. Constitution.
Please  see   the  deadlines  for  exhaustion  of  administrative
remedies, as  detailed in  Title 5,  United States Code, Sections
552 et seq.  Title 5 U.S.C. has been enacted into positive law.

Thank you very much for your consideration.

Sincerely yours,

/s/ Paul Mitchell

Paul Andrew, Mitchell, B.A., M.S.
Counselor at Law and federal witness
c/o 2509 N. Campbell, #1776
Tucson, Arizona state
Postal Zone 85719/tdc

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copies:  Hon. Frederick P. Stamp, Jr.
         Hon. James E. Seibert
         Maj. Gen. Floyd Raymond, Looker

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