FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                           November 22, 1996

             Statement from Major General Ray Looker
                       Commanding General
                West Virginia Mountaineer Militia

[This statement  was made  November 22,  1996,  to  Pastor  Butch
Paugh, Call To Decision Ministries, Nettie, West Virginia, during
Pastor Paugh's  Call To Decision Radio Program, by telephone from
General Looker's place of incarceration.]

     "The indictments  which have  been placed  against  Me  were
brought about by a conspiracy of the U.S. government to take down
the Militia  in  America,  in  violation  of  state  and  federal
     "As the  Commanding General of the West Virginia Mountaineer
Militia, I  operated under  the authority of the Constitution for
the United  States of  America.   The FBI  operated under statute
     "Constitutional law  is superior  to statute law, and always
takes precedence.
     "The second  and most important point is that I am a servant
of the True and Living God.  My God, He is God, and He has warned
Us not  to touch  One of His anointed.  They have mocked God, and
they have mocked the Constitution He gave Us.
     "I do  not believe  that the  indictments they  have brought
against Me  will come  to trial;   I  believe that My God, Who is
God, will not allow them to prosper in their wickedness.
     "I also  believe  that  criminal  charges  will  be  brought
against those very same individuals who have conspired to destroy
our Constitutional Rights.
     "In fact,  I intend  to be  at the  front lines of battle to
insure that they will be held accountable for their actions.
     "Before this is over, the People of America will demand that
a Special Prosecutor be appointed to investigate gross violations
of federal  police power in this country, especially those powers
which have  been waged  against the  Constitutional Rights of the
     "What was  intended by  those who  opposed Me  will become a
snare unto them.
     "God will  cause the  web of deceit and lies which they have
woven for  Me to  become cords of steel from which they can never
     "The   federal    government   has   consistently   violated
International Law,  the Law  of  Land  Warfare,  and  the  Geneva
Convention of 1949.
     "In  addition,   they  have   denied  Me   and  My  men  our
Constitutional Right  to vote  in the  general election,  all  of
which shows a general disregard for the Rights of the People, and
a disdain for the laws which protect Us.
     In say  again, I do not believe that My God, whose Servant I
am, will allow these indictments to come to trial."

/s/ Ray Looker

Major General Ray Looker
Commanding General
West Virginia Mountaineer Militia

                             #  #  #

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