"A Monologue on Federal Fiscal Fraud"


                  Paul Andrew Mitchell, Founder
                 Account for Better Citizenship

                 Broadcast on Radio Station KSPT
                        Sandpoint, Idaho

                       September 11, 1992

Hello, Kevin.  I wish I could have been there live last week, but
my schedule  just  didn't  permit  it.    I  am  currently  doing
extensive research  into the  U.S. Constitution  and I  have also
written an  authoritative book.   I  am honored that station KSPT
has invited  me to  speak on  federal income taxes and government
criminal  activity.   Let  me  begin  by  making  this  bold  and
controversial statement:  federal income taxation is the greatest
fiscal fraud  that has  ever been  perpetrated upon any people at
any time  in the  history of  the world.  Our latest research has
uncovered a  number of  shocking but  provable facts  about  this

Point 1:  The 16th Amendment, the income tax amendment, was never
ratified.   The act  of "declaring"  it ratified  was an  act  of
outright fraud  by an administration bureaucrat in the year 1913.
This fraud  is often  cited as  the federal  authority to tax the
incomes of  individuals and  corporations.  Congress has now been
formally notified and has fallen completely silent.

Point 2:   The  14th Amendment  was not lawfully ratified either.
Instead, Congress  extorted the  approval of 7 southern States by
imposing a  military occupation  on them  until  they  succumbed.
This occurred  more than  2 years  after the  Civil War and after
those States  were counted  to ratify  the 13th Amendment banning
slavery.  Even so, not enough States ratified the 14th Amendment.
The sordid  history is well documented in 2 standing decisions of
the Utah Supreme Court.

The 14th  Amendment is crucial because it tried to introduce into
Law for  the first time the status of "citizen (small 'c') of the
United States".  Without it, there is no such thing as a "citizen
of the  United States".   A  standing decision  of the California
Supreme  Court  fully  supports  this  finding.    This  fact  is
paramount because  federal regulations  impose  income  taxes  on
fictional "citizens of the United States".

Point 3:  Equally compelling is our finding that the term "United
States" has  3 different  meanings in  law.  First, it can mean a
sovereign country, like others in the family of nations.  Second,
it can  also mean  the limited  territory over which the Congress
has exclusive authority.  Third, it can mean the 50 States of the
Union, like the 50 stars on the American flag.

When the  income tax  law --  Title 26  -- uses  the term "United
States", it  is referring only to the second of these 3 meanings,
that  is,   the  areas   over  which   Congress   has   exclusive
jurisdiction.   These areas  include D.C.,  Puerto Rico,  and the
Virgin Islands.   They  do not  include the  areas inside  the 50
States.   This one  fact all by itself has the power to crack the
entire Code of Internal Revenue, because it is a code, like Morse
Code or  encrypted codes,  filled with  intentional vagueness and
deliberate deception.

Therefore, any  federal statutes  that are  vague, like Title 26,
can and  should be nullified for violating the supreme law of the
land.  The U.S. Constitution guarantees to State Citizens like us
a fundamental  right to  ignore vague  and ambiguous laws because
they violate the 6th Amendment in the Bill of Rights -- the first
10 amendments  --   which were lawfully ratified and are now part
of the U.S. Constitution.

Point 4:   Compensation  for labor  is not  "income".   The  U.S.
Supreme Court has ruled numerous times that income is a profit or
a gain,  not pay for services and not everything that "comes in".
The lower  federal courts  are now  in total chaos on this point.
But the  Supreme  Court  has  never  wavered  from  its  original
definitions of "income".

Point 5:  The Federal Reserve is not federal government.  It is a
private credit  monopoly which  former Congressman Louis McFadden
once called  "one of  the most corrupt institutions the world has
ever known".   Its  collection agency  is the IRS, which is not a
federal agency  either.  The IRS is now encouraged to violate the
Constitution to keep money flowing into the FED's banks.

Point 6:   The  really shocking fact is that federal income taxes
do not  pay for  any government services, like schools, roads, or
air traffic  control.   They are  used to  pay  interest  on  the
federal debt.   For  example, if  the debt  principal is  now  $4
trillion and  Congress  pays  an  average  of  7.5  percent,  the
interest alone  is $300  billion per  year.   The Kansas City FED
earned $610 million last year.  Why?  Because the FED is exempted
from income taxes by an Act of Congress, that's why!

Point 7:   Federal income taxes are voluntary, believe it or not.
In  1953,  Treasury  official  Dwight  Avis  made  the  following
remarkable statement to the House of Representatives:

     Your  income  tax  is  100 percent voluntary  tax,  and your
     liquor tax  is 100 percent enforced tax.  Now, the situation
     is as different as day and night.

The local tax burden is certainly easier to shoulder without also
volunteering to  pay federal  income taxes  on top of it all.  At
the local  level, you  can at  least see  what  your  taxes  have

                             #  #  #

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