FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                              April 27, 1998
    Paul Andrew Mitchell Calls for Nationwide Boycott of IRS
Austin, Texas.  Paul Mitchell, Counselor at Law, Federal Witness,
and Private Attorney General, today called upon the entire nation
to begin  an immediate  and unconditional boycott of the Internal
Revenue Service,  now exposed  as a  money  laundry  situated  in
Puerto Rico and hiding behind defunct Prohibition laws.
     "The research pouring forth has made it  impossible for this
extortion racket  to   recover from  these manifold revelations,"
Mitchell exclaimed.
     "No matter  what facet  we examine,  there are  huge, gaping
holes  in  any pseudo-authority  they  might  attempt  to  assert
against Citizens of the several States of the Union," he added.
     Mitchell, who  brought the  IRS and  the U.S.  Department of
Justice to  their knees  in a  1996 federal  grand jury case, has
lately announced  his intentions  to run  for a  seat in the U.S.
House of  Representatives, and  to take  this battle to the House
floor, and nationally televised coverage of that debate.
     In a  bold move  which  shocks  many  government  employees,
including legislators,  Mitchell now  promises to  provide future
constituents with  written proof  that the  federal income tax is
totally and completely voluntary.
     "If any  one of  you should  get into  any trouble using our
information, particularly  if you  must defend yourself against a
criminal prosecution,  I promise  to testify as a star witness at
your trial,  and electrify the jury with a thorough exposition of
the  full   range  of   supporting  facts   and  laws,"  Mitchell
      "I  am prepared  to take  the jury  all the way back to the
American Civil  War, and  to reconstruct  the labyrinth  of fraud
which has  evolved since  then."   Mitchell refers  here  to  the
"smoking  gun"   documented  in  his  voluminous  writings  --  a
statement to  the Columbia  Historical Society, by a judge of the
D.C. Supreme  Court, which  lays bare  the intentional deceptions
that were  introduced into  federal law,  beginning  right  after
Lincoln was assassinated.
     Mitchell is  already armed  with a mountain of amazing court
pleadings and  the seventh edition of  his landmark, classic work
-- "The  Federal Zone:  Cracking the Code of Internal Revenue" --
which has  received consistently  high marks, both on and off the
     "I  cannot   imagine  a   single  jury   convicting  anyone,
particularly after  their Congressman testifies  on their behalf,
and overwhelms  that jury  with an  immense amount of irrefutable
scholarship," concludes  Mitchell.   Even the  Supreme Court  has
adopted the  "federal zone"  as a  household word,  giving  it  a
permanent  place   in  the  history  of  American  constitutional
     Paul Andrew Mitchell can be contacted on the Internet at his
new  email  address  --   --  and  his
active website  --  -- continues to grow in
readership, without any advertising.  In March of 1998, more than
27,500 files  were downloaded  from that  one website alone. Many
IRS revelations  can be  found in  the files available, for free,
from the Supreme Law Library at that website.
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