August 3, 2016 A.D.


Roseburg, Oregon



Oregon's Douglas County Commissioner-Elect Gary Leif

Writes to U.S. Rep. DeFazio in Support of Federal Tort Claims



Gary Leif, recently elected to the Office of Douglas County Commissioner in Oregon,

has made time in his busy schedule to write a pointed letter to U.S. Representative

Peter DeFazio in support of large Federal Tort Claims presented to several government

agencies by Paul Andrew Mitchell.


Mitchell is a nationally recognized Private Attorney General and now also an

Agent of the United States as a "Relator" under the Federal Civil False Claims Act.


A Request for Neutral Arbitration was previously mailed to DeFazio's district office

in Eugene, Oregon, but his staff had neglected to acknowledge or respond to that

polite request, which was authorized by Mr. Larry Saccato, one of two Trustees

of Mitchell's private estate.


Leif writes that he personally witnessed some of the issues that the Federal Government

has caused to Mitchell, whom Leif describes as his good friend:


"Paul was falsely arrested in January 2014 and falsely incarcerated for 325 days

by agents of the U.S. Marshals Service, IRS, and DOJ attorneys stationed in

Wyoming and Seattle."


Leif has remained fully informed of Mitchell's ongoing Credential Investigation,

which acquires and compiles evidence of missing and defective credentials

that are required of Federal Government officers by the U.S. Constitution and

Acts of Congress which have implemented Article VI, Clause 3 in that Constitution.


"In addition to 3 separate periods of solitary confinement," Leif continues,

"Paul was moved a total of 55 different times across multiple State lines

in the Western States.  Near the end of his ordeal, he was threatened with

forced administration of mind-altering drugs and permanent disability."


Leif also confirmed to DeFazio that Congress has already defined such threats

as felony "torture".


With bold emphasis, Leif went on to emphasize to DeFazio:  "What these

Federal Government agents did to Paul was wrong, and the Congress needs

to learn about every facet of this travesty and do whatever is just and honorable

to compensate Paul for all of his many damages."


At least since August 2001, Mitchell has been actively assisted in his counsel

to clients by the U.S. Department of Justice and the Executive Office for

U.S. Attorneys.  Mitchell also assisted U.S. Coast Guard Investigations

pro bono in San Diego for almost 7 years with a complex homicide case.

Leif also revealed to DeFazio a document archive of numerous Actual Notices

which Mitchell has served on the U.S. Marshals during his 26 years of court

activism.  Leif provided DeFazio the following simple instructions:


     Google  "U.S. Marshals"


At the moment, the ball is in DeFazio's court after Leif proposed that DeFazio

help arrange mediation or arbitration in the matter of Mitchell's pending

Federal Tort Claims.  Other Acts of Congress expressly authorize mediation,

arbitration and other alternative dispute resolution ("ADR") techniques

to deal with Tort Claims without expensive and time-consuming lawsuits.


Using a recent decision of a U.S. Court of Appeals authorizing $8,421 per hour

of false arrest, Mitchell has filed a Tort Claim for 7,805 HOURS of illegal detention,

totaling more than $65 Million in "sum certain" damages.  A Table of Contents

for the first Tort Claim is archived here on the Internet:


Leif's letter concluded with appreciation for DeFazio's attention and commitment

to timely and appropriate resolution of these ongoing disputes, and to making

sure that Paul Andrew Mitchell is fairly compensated for all of his extensive damages

to date.


A scanned copy of Mr. Leif's letter can be viewed here on the Internet:



Press Contact:


Supreme Law Firm

c/o Trustees

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Oregon, USA





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