Dorcus R. Hardy                         Certified Mail # ________
Commissioner of Social Security
Baltimore 21235/tdc


     This is reply to your letter dated ________________________,
(REFER-SEP71).   Enclosed you  will find a Revocation of Power of
Attorney, dated ________________, recorded in Los Angeles County,
Recorders Office as ____________________________.  I am a de jure
California Citizen,  not a  de facto  National Citizen  under the
14th Amendment,  and a  ward  of  Congress,  who  has  a  taxable
citizenship  through   Social  Security  or  any  other  type  of
governmental franchise.   No  governmental agency  has  power  of
attorney over me or my property.  (See Exhibit A.)

     This revocation  is based  upon the principle that a writing
is "Void Ab Initio" in the case of fraud in the inception, and it
need not  be formally  rescinded as  a prerequisite to a right of
avoidance.  Bonacci v. Massachusetts Bonding and Ins. Co., (1943)
58 CA.2d 657, 664, 137 P.2d 487.

     Therefore, I  am again demanding that you remove my name and
number from your system of records, that you notify my work place
and any  and all  concerned governmental  agencies, that I am not
subject to, nor required to have a social security number.  Also,
I demand  that your  agency return  all of  my property  that was
taken by  your use  of the  various elements  of fraud;  which is
available under  Section 204, of the Social Security Act, 49 STAT
620, which allows for recovery of unqualified individuals.

     This  letter   and   attachment,   all   previous   letters,
affidavits, declarations  and  affirmations,  sent  to  you,  the
Social Security  Department, and  or the Department of Health and
Human  Services   or  any   other   governmental   agency,   (are
incorporated by  this reference if as set forth fully herein) are
conclusive and direct evidence of fraud and have not or cannot be
refuted by  any  legal  means.    Therefore,  as  such  shall  be
conclusive evidence,  of the  admissions and confessions of fraud
and entrapment in any court of law or any other proceedings.

     The means  of "knowledge",  especially where  it consists of
public records  is deemed  in law to be "knowledge of the facts".
As the means of "knowledge" if it appears that the individual had
notice or  information of  circumstances which  would put  him on
inquiry, which,  if followed,  would lead to "knowledge", or that
the facts  were presumptively  within his knowledge, he will have
deemed to  have had  actual knowledge  of the  facts and  may  be
subsequently liable  for any  damage or  injury.  You, therefore,
have been  given "knowledge  of the facts" as it pertains to this
conspiracy to commit a fraud against me.

                 Actual and Constructive Notice:
                          Page 1 of 2

     This is  an actual  and constructive notice under California
Civil Code Sections 18, 19, that if you fail to obey the law, and
continue to  aid and  abet the conspiracy via the  utilization of
fraud  and  entrapment,  to  deprive  me  of  my  de  jure  State
Citizenship and vested property rights, you will cause me further
damage and  injury.   This will  require whatever  action  deemed
necessary and lawful to effect a remedy.

     This instrument  "ACTUAL AND  CONSTRUCTIVE NOTICE, is hereby
executed by  service and  delivery by certified mail, and as such
shall be  judicially noticed  in any  and proceedings,  legal  or
otherwise, that may be initiated for any and all reasons.

Respectfully Submitted,

/s/ John E. Trumane

John E. Trumane, Founder
Account for Better Citizenship


Certified Mail #

Attorney General
Department of Justice
10th and Constitution, N.W..
Washington 20530/tdc

[See USPS Publication #221 for addressing instructions.]

                          Notary Public

Witness my hand this ___________ day of __________________, 199__

                        )  SS

On this _________ day of ____________________, in the year 199__,
before me,  the undersigned, a Notary Public in and for the State
of California, personally appeared _____________________________,
proved to  me on  the basis  of satisfactory  evidence to  be the
Citizen who  subscribed to the within instrument and acknowledged
to me that he executed it.

Witness my hand and official seal.

Notary Public

                 Actual and Constructive Notice:
                          Page 2 of 2

                             #  #  #

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