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Subject: SLS: Online legal research (fwd)

>I just ran across a terriffic web site for legal research.  Maybe you
already know about it, but then again, maybe you don't; and I'm sure it
will be a gigantic boon to all Supreme Law clients:
>     http://www.findlaw.com/cascade/supreme.html
>lists the complete text of all Supreme Court Decisions since 1906 -- so it
says, but I found Downes v. Bidwell, 182 U.S. 244, so they actually go back
at least a little earlier. I am absolutely extatic to have found this,
because I live 'way out in the Back of Beyond, and haven't known where to
turn for an accessable Law Library. Well, here it is!
>And that's not all. This site has many more legal resources I haven't even
glanced at yet ....  Anyway, pass it along. I'm sure I am not your only
client who could use an online resource like this.

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