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Subject: SLS: Online legal research (fwd) (CORRECTION)

>Dear Paul,
>Terribly sorry about this, but I got the URL abit wrong, so of course it
doesn't work. The correct URL is:
>      http://www.findlaw.com/casecode/supreme.html
>I had it "/cascade/" but it's really "/casecode/" which makes more sense
besides. Sorry to have misled everybody. My only excuse is, it was late,
and like You, I was dotting my Ts and crossing my Is.
>From: 	Paul Andrew Mitchell
>Sent: 	Thursday, June 05, 1997 12:28
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>Subject: SLS: Online legal research (fwd)
>>I just ran across a terriffic web site for legal research.  Maybe you
>already know about it, but then again, maybe you don't; and I'm sure it
>will be a gigantic boon to all Supreme Law clients:
>>     http://www.findlaw.com/cascade/supreme.html (NOTE: make that
>New topic: I would like to add a link to http://www.supremelaw.com in the
"Internet Resources" section of My fledgling Web site,
>if that's agreable to You. I'm still wet behind the ears at all this, so I
don't know the fine points either of Law or "Netiquette;" but common (or
perhaps uncommon) courtesy prompts Me to solicit Your permission, on the
grounds that linked sites ought to be at least agreably aware of one another. 
>If that's agreable to You, please e-mail Me soonest. Thank You very much.

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