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The owner and manager of the apartment
complex where I live takes great care
of the landscaping and general building

On the street side of the complex is a set
of beautiful annual trees, which are populated
with song birds just before dawn on any day
of the week.

I have developed the habit of joining in the
symphony by walking out to these trees and
doing my mocking bird imitation, which has
the neighbors fooled, but the song birds 
know better.  They just sing back, mocking
me with thrills and warbles of every sort

After this pattern had become a habit, of sorts,
I was walking by these trees one day, when
a beautiful monarch butterfly crossed my path.

But, unlike all other butterflies I have ever
known, this one stayed very close to me, within
reach, and flew in perfect ovals for about 
30 seconds, as I continued to sing my mocking
bird songs.  

The butterfly was giving me a message, about
freedom, I believe it was.

"Look at Us," said the butterfly, from another
channel of communication.  "We are free, and
We are happy.  The Most High takes care of Us,
and gives Us everything we could ever need.
You too will soon become just like Us!"

"You are now on the right track, and We have
permission of the Most High to give this message
to you, in a way you will never forget."

And then butterfly did a perfect figure 8 
and flew up into the tree, to re-join the

Mr. Monarch Butterfly, you were absolutely 

I will never, ever forget this experience,
for as long as I will live, and that is
for eternity.

/s/ Paul Mitchell

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>>> T.T. writes; 
>>  >> But I am upset.. Doesn't the bible say that God will supply my needs..(
>> Iam
>>  >> not talking about wants) my needs to survive.. 
>>  >> I am a disabled person on a fixed income.. I never get any breaks.. I
>>  >> prayer ,I ask God for help ,he never listens...I can only do so much..
>>  >Why
>>  >> does he let this happen to me..
>>  >> Doesn't he care.. I have large bills that are not paid.,, I ask him to 
>> help
>>  >> me with them but nothing..
>  God never promised to supply your're needs,  (you're bills) .  If you
>interpret the bible in that area as a monetary security blanket you're
>missing the point.  Sounds to me like liberal whining.  Where's my handout?
> You're "needs" are spiritual, not monatarial. Try expanding your're wants
>beyond worldly goods.  BTW, I'm just about as bad off as you so its not as if
>I don't relate to not having the means to take care of myself.  This world is
>temporary,  the next is the one you have to look forward to.
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