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Subject: SLS: Atlanta Constitution on McVeigh (fwd)
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Motions in Limine are now obsolete, under authority
of U.S. v. Gaudin, issued by the U.S. Supreme Court
in 1995 (circa the Lopez decision).  Briefly, juries
are empowered to decide materiality and relevance,
not the judge or prosecutor, because juries are 
institutions which pre-date the U.S. Constitution.

For proof, see the Seventh Amendment,i.e. juries must
have existed prior to the Bill of Rights, for them
to have been mentioned therein.  Thus, the Tenth
Amendment's explicit reservation of fundamental
Rights is the foundation which preserves the power
of juries, in all cases where they are warranted
(controversy exceeds twenty dollars).

However, the federal Jury Selection and Service Act
is unconstitutional for exhibiting intentional class
discrimination against Citizens of the several states
who are not also federal citizens, by Right of 
Election.  Confer at "Right" and "Election" in 
Black's Law Dictionary, Sixth Edition.  The Citizens
now excluded from jury service are the very Ones who
are qualified to vote in Congress;  see 1:2:2 and
1:3:3.  Those provisions have never been amended
(federal term limits continue to fail in Congress).

The JSSA challenge is now properly before the
Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals, in an OPENING BRIEF
which was mailed yesterday.  Appendices and other
supplemental materials will be mailed in time for
the filing deadline of June 18, 1997, including
library copies of "The Federal Zone: Cracking the
Code of Internal Revenue" (electronic Seventh Edition).

Thus, the juries which indicted and convicted McVeigh
were never legal bodies, because McVeigh was born in
one of the several states of the Union, was he not?

Hold on to your horses;  this rodeo has only just begun.

/s/ Paul Mitchell

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>Like the assassination of the Kennedy's?
>On Wed, 11 Jun 1997, Henry Ayre wrote:
>> >On Mon, 9 Jun 1997, Henry Ayre wrote:
>> >
>> >> >On Mon, 9 Jun 1997, Ed Wolfe wrote:
>> >> >
>> >> >> Franklin Wayne Poley wrote:
>> >> >> > 
>> >> >> > Let me say it again. We need the official transcript on a web 
>> site.
>> >> >> 
>> >> >> Are you talking about the McVeigh trial transcript?
>> >> >> 
>> >> >> If so, it's on several websites. One of them is mine:
>> >> >> 
>> >> >> http://www.involved.com/ewolfe/okc
>> >> >> 
>> >> >Super. Thank you, Ed. I'll pass this on and ask that those who do not 
>> >> >believe the verdict on these lists please refer to it when they shout 
>> >> >about injustice or conspiracy in the McVeigh Case. We need more light 
>> and 
>> >> >less heat.
>> >> >FWP.  Posted by: Franklin Wayne Poley <culturex@vcn.bc.ca>
>> >> 
>> >> What we really need is more logic and less slap-dash remarks. The 
>> entirety... 
>> >
>> >What can I say to my esteemed and obnoxious cyberassociate? Carry 
>> >on...and let's see your incisive legal beagle mind at work. For example 
>> >one of the first defense witnesses positively identified the renter of 
>> >the truck said to carry the explosive as NOT McVeigh. Is that not 
>> correct?
>> >Why didn't that testimony hold up?
>> >FWP.
>> Hold up? The entire trial was a holdup of the truth! It was a theatrical 
>> production, not a trial. Hold up? Has the testimony in the Nuremberg 
>> trials held up? Or do you think THEY were also fair, impartial, and 
>> truth-seeking trials as well? Can you say "orchestrated," Franklin?       
>> H. Ayre.
>> >
>> >
>> >> of the OKC bombing case has been reported in depth on various Internet 
>> >> lists and web pages from the moment it happened. One would have to 
>> >> assume that Franklin Wayne Poley has not read this information or that 
>> >> he does not understand its import. The information that has come out 
>> from 
>> >> numerous sources, including but not limited to retired FBI Special 
>> Agent 
>> >> Ted Gunderson and retired Air Force Brigadier General Benton Partin, is 
>> >> that, among other things, the principal damage to the Murrah building 
>> >> could not have been done by an ANFO truck bomb (no matter how large) 
>> and 
>> >> that strong circumstantial evidence exists to indicate a failed 
>> government 
>> >> sting operation.
>> >> 
>> >> The trial judge refused to allow the inclusion of any defense material 
>> >> that would have given the jurors an inkling that this was not the work 
>> of 
>> >> another "lone nut." Thus, a transcript of the "trial" is worthless as 
>> true 
>> >> evidence of anything real... other than the fact that the trial was for 
>> >> patsies and kangaroos. Add to that the news that the Federal government 
>> >> has given Stephen Jones, McVeigh's "defense lawyer," the neat round sum 
>> of 
>> >> $10 million for his "good work," and you have something that only 
>> Franklin 
>> >> Wayne Poley and associates can, apparently, accept. I cannot accept it. 
>> >> Most other people cannot accept it either. H. Ayre.
>> >> 
>> >> 
>> >> 
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