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Hi Dot,

We got the green light from a political prisoner
to prepare a full-blown OPENING BRIEF for his
appeal to the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Since he and his wife have been just wonderful
throughout their own ordeal (18 months in FPC
Duluth for him), we really poured it in, to write a
massive attack on the federal Jury Selection and
Service Act, in addition to six other major 
constitutional challenges.  This has required
total seclusion, and then the usual running around
to coordinate all the shipping (10 copies of
everything to the 8th Circuit), plus copies to
the parties of interest, and then also the many
courtesy copies (one to Justice Thomas, because
he performs oversight of the 8th Circuit).  

The final result is magnificent, in my opinion.

We are now planning to reformat everything for
the Internet, where the entire OPENING BRIEF
and all Appendices will be available to everyone.

Thanks for writing.

/s/ Paul Mitchell

At 08:15 PM 6/11/97 -0400, you wrote:
>My son Harry has a Hewlett-Packer Laser Printer - and it also works
>fantastically.  Whenever I want something to look "really" good, I
>use his printer.
>I have a Panasonic Color Printer (uses ribbons) that was "free" with
>my computer when I bought it in 93 - and it is still going strong, too.
>I keep it pretty busy.  I have used it more lately when I found out the
>ribbons only cost $9.95 at Sam's.  I was paying $19.95 for the black
>ribbons.  The color cost $19.95 at Sams and I was paying $39.95!!!
>I thought you must be busy because I hadn't heard much from you 
>lately.  I am still hanging on here - there has been so much rain 
>lately that I am mildewing!!!
>Dot Bibee

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