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Subject: SLS: quick question for web consultant
Cc: Dale Robertson <habeascorpus@hotmail.com>

Hello Dean,

What's the industry-standard term for
the structure of ASCII files like CONFIG.SYS

I am going to write a file structure standard
for the Supreme Law School and Firm, as soon
as possible.

"The Cooper File" is a good example.
You did a perfect job of formatting that
file for the website.

I want people to be able to view this
information with the DOS MORE, TYPE,
and EDIT commands, if they receive files
directly from us.  These files will all
have a .ASC suffix;  .TXT will identify
ASCII without line breaks at the end of
each line (permitting the user to change
margins at will).

.DOC files will continue to be those
which are written by my MS-WORD for DOS,
Version 5.0B.  WORD for Windows files
will have a .MWx suffix, where "x"
identifies the version number.  For

   AFFIDAV.MW2 is an affidavit, written
   by MS-WORD for Windows, Version 2.0c

Users can enroll in the school, to get
the fully formatted versions.  That will
be our "value added," for which we will
charge an enrollment fee.  Later on, you
and I will develop a method for charging
users for these fully formatted files.

Everything in CONFIG.SYS format will be
loaded onto the website, for free acces
to the general public.  That should get
the free-loaders off our backs (a major
problem that continues to plague me).

RSVP when you can, because I have a file
set I want you to load onto the website,
and we need to talk about structure "plan"
(hierarchy of directories, etc.)

Piece-o-cake for a rocket scientist.

/s/ Paul Mitchell

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