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>        OKLAHOMA CITY - An Oklahoma judge Wednesday ordered a grand
>jury investigation into an alleged cover-up by federal agents in the
>Oklahoma City bombing case.  The grand jury probe was forced
>by Republican state Rep. Charles Key, who collected more than 10,000
>signatures on a petition to investigate the bombing and the way it
>was handled by federal agents.
>        District Judge Charles Owens ruled that Key had met all the
>requirements and ordered that a state grand jury be selected from a
>pool of 100 potential jurors on June 30.  Key has been highly
>critical of the FBI and meets regularly with anti-government groups
>who share his theory that federal agents were aware of a bombing
>plot but Key said he was pleased with the judge's order. It is not
>clear who would present evidence to the grand jury, however, because
>state Attorney General Drew Edmondson and Oklahoma County District
>Attorney Bob Macy have both said they believe Key's allegations were
>unfounded.  Key called on both Edmondson and Macy to remove
>themselves from the probe "because they themselves have been so
>extremely biased.  Over and over again, he (Macy) has done
>everything that he could do to try to stop us. Rhetoric is one thing
>and actions are another, and that's what really counts - action,"
>    Key's conspiracy theory centered on information he claimed showed
>federal agents knew there was going to be a bomb attack on the Alfred
>P. Murrah Federal Building in downtown Oklahoma City before it
>happened on the morning of April 19, 1995. The bomb blew the building
>apart and killed 168 people.  A federal jury in Denver last
>week found Gulf war veteran Timothy McVeigh guilty of planting the
>bomb.  Alleged co-conspirator Terry Nichols is scheduled to go
>on trial later this year, but Key and other government critics claim
>that others were involved in or knew about the bombing plot.        
>"We want to find the truth and hold everyone accountable who had any
>participation or knowledge in this," Key said when he presented his
>petition for a grand jury investigation last week.  Many
>relatives of the 168 people killed in the bombing have accused Key of
>trying to take political advantage of the tragedy.
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