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>Tulsa, Oklahoma, June 6 - Dan Meador, well known and venerated
>researcher into law and government corruption, was sentenced to 16
>months in the Tulsa County Jail. The judge said Dan "was a menace to
>society." The other side of this issue is the indepth and revealing
>research Dan has been doing that uncovers the sordid and illegal history
>of the IRS and its incestuous relations with the various states of the
>Dan has also filed Writs asking the State of Oklahoma to reveal its
>constitutional (common law) basis of operation in leiu of its existing
>statutory base and actions. These original papers were at the base of
>the state's and fed's actions to shut Dan down.
>More recently Dan began filing for information concerning Oklahoma's
>contracts with the IRS. As you may already know the IRS is a foreign
>trust operating out of Puerto Rico. See this research at:
>Our Constitution forbids states from entering into relations with
>foreign interests and reserves these negotiations to the federal
>government. Many people around the country have already secured copies
>of these contractual documents from their respective states. Because of
>this and similar revelatory work Dan has successfully blown the whistle
>on the bad guys.
>No doubt Jefferson and Paine were, in their time, considered menaces to
>society as well. Thank God for Truth Sayers like them and Dan Meador.
>Financial aid is needed. Please call or FAX your support to Dan's wife:
>Dan & Gail Meador
>P. O .Box 2582
>Ponca City, Oklahoma 74602
>(405) 765-1415 voice
>(405) 765-1146 FAX
>Bill Watts
>The jury has a right to judge both the 
>law as well as the fact in controversy.
>John Jay, first Chief Justice, U.S. 
>Supreme Court, in Georgia v. Brailsford, 
>To consider the judges as the 
>ultimate arbiters of all constitutional 
>questions is a very dangerous 
>doctrine indeed, and one which 
>would place us under the despotism 
>of an oligarchy. - Thomas Jefferson 
>If we can prevent the government from 
>wasting the labors of the people under 
>the pretense of caring for them, the 
>people will be happy. - Thomas Jefferson
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