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Here's $100 to bet that McVeigh is BATF,
and he will conveniently disappear to
the Bahamas when all of this is over.

He will, of course, have a new appearance,
after the plastic surgeons do a number on
his face.  The government may even go so
far as to execute someone else, and tell
the world it was McVeigh.  

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the U.S. government
has, indeed, become THAT ugly and THAT criminal --
in deed, in thought, in word, in all ways.

If they can carve up the president's brain,
after blasting it all over Dealey Plaza,
and present the autopsy surgeons with a 
fait accomplis, then the  outer reaches of the
known Universe are the newest limits to their 
criminal insanity.

/s/ Paul Mitchell

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>>>>Subject: McVeigh: survey
>>>>To: KPFA list <progressive-radio@tango.rahul.net>
>> >>
>>>>     We sent our reporter around the Bay Area to ask a few randomly
>>>>selected people their thoughts about hot topics.  Today's question
>>>>was: "Do you think Timothy McVeigh deserves the death penalty?"
>>>>     Patricia Cleara, 32, Sunol, actress.  "I think we ought to
>>>>reserve the death penalty for corporate criminals.  They have
>>>>plenty to lose, and are more likely to be deterred by it than
>>>>desperate people driven insane by this society's paradoxes.  I'm
>>>>talking about the jokers who hid the truth about smoking or
>>>>asbestos, or the kind who lock fire doors.  Christ, you could blow
>>>>up ten federal buildings a day, and not match the Marlboro Man's
>>>>body count."
>>>>     J. Paul Jones, 80, Ukiah, welder.  "How the hell can you even
>>>>tell who did anything anymore?  You got the damn FBI lab which will
>>>>produce any evidence the prosecutor asks for, and a climate of
>>>>hysteria and pathos, and the horrible graphic sights of suffering,
>>>>which, after all, have nothing to do with who did it.  How are
>>>>people supposed to know?"
>>>>     C. Digall, 25, Redwood City, exchange student.  "I would go
>>>>after war criminals first, and I don't mean Serbians.  More bombs
>>>>were dropped on Vietnam than were dropped in all of World War II.
>>>>Kids are still dying from them.  No one has ever gone to trial here
>>>>for that, even though it was known to have been trumped up.  Same
>>>>with Iraq.  Same with Panama.  And no one has even gotten a ticket
>>>>for huckstering the lies that induced Americans to fall for it all."
>>>>     G. Carlin, 60, visitor, comedian.  "What is it, his first
>>>>offense, right?  I think he should be let off with a warning."
>>David Hoffman, Publisher
>>Haight Ashbury Free Press
>>6118 N. Meridian, #621
>>Oklahoma City, OK 73112
>>(405) 948-1330 (temporarily in Oklahoma City)
>>http://www.webcom.com/haight (Back on Line!)
>>Pick up my new book, "The Oklahoma City Bombing and the
>>Politics of Terror," due out in the Fall. 
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