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Subject: SLS: AP on West Virginia Militia

"Assassination unit discussed
 by W.Va. militia, affidavits say"

   MORGANTOWN, W.Va. (AP) --
   The Mountaineer Militia consid-
ered killing U.S. Sen. Jay Rocke-
feller and Federal Reserve Chair-
man Alan Greenspan in a "holy
war" against the federal govern-
ment, FBI affidavits revealed yes-
   Militia members discussed cre-
ating a "Special Operations
Group" in case the government
turned against the people and,
according to the documents, ar-
gued that the assassinations
would not be murder because the
militia was fighting government
   The assassination plot was
contained in documents filed in
U.S. District Court in Wheeling in
the case of seven men accused in
an alleged plot to destroy the
$200 million FBI center in 
Clarksburg, 80 miles south of
Pittsburgh.  The other government
targets have not been identified.
  Larry Martz, an Ohio militia
member not charged in the plot, 
indicated that it might be neces-
sary for the militia to assassinate
the families of Rockefeller and
Greenspan, as well as the senator
and chairman, to successfully at-
tack the federal government, the
documents said.

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