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>Subject: (OT) Militia targeted Greenspan, Rockefeller 
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>Militia targeted Greenspan, Rockefeller
>MORGANTOWN, W.Va. - The Mountaineer Militia considered killing U.S. Sen.
>Jay Rockefeller and Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan in a "holy
>war" against the federal government, FBI affidavits revealed Thursday.
>Militia members discussed creating a "Special Operations Group" in case
>the government turned against the people and, according to the
>documents, argued that the assassinations would not be murder because
>the militia was fighting government corruption.
>The assassination plot was contained in documents filed in U.S. District
>Court in Wheeling in the case of seven men accused in an alleged plot to
>destroy the $200 million FBI center in Clarksburg, 80 miles south of
>Pittsburgh. The other government targets have not been identified.
>Larry Martz, an Ohio militia member not charged in the plot, indicated
>that it might be necessary for the militia to assassinate the families
>of Rockefeller and Greenspan, as well as the senator and chairman, to
>successfully attack the federal government, the documents said.
>"You must chop off their head," said Martz. He is in jail in Ohio for
>assaulting a state trooper and carrying a concealed weapon.
>Rockefeller, D-W.Va., and Greenspan had no comment, their spokesmen
>Also Thursday, a defense lawyer said his client was the second of seven
>defendants to plead guilty. Jack A. Phillips confessed to conspiracy to
>make explosives for the militia's commanding general, Floyd "Ray"
>Defense lawyer Jerald Jones said the guilty plea carries a maximum of
>five years in prison. The tentative agreement must be signed by
>prosecutors, then approved by U.S. District Judge Frederick Stamp Jr.
>Phillips, 57, was charged with conspiracy because he never actually made
>a bomb but had arranged to acquire laboratory equipment through an FBI
>informant, Jones said.
>Jones said he hoped Phillips' sentence would be reduced by his agreement
>to plead guilty.
>The arrest of the seven defendants followed a 16-month undercover
>investigation that was started two months after the Oklahoma City
>bombing when militia members allegedly discussed attacking federal
>By The Associated Press

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