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Consider this:  when Pastor Butch Paugh
requested my help to fight a grand jury
subpoena, issued to him for his testimony
concerning matters related to the militia
in West Virginia, I briefed him in detail
concerning the use of Registered U.S. Mail
to carry a written response directly to
the grand jury foreperson.  When the green
card came back to me, it bore Pastor Paugh's
signature, even though it had been addressed
to the grand jury foreperson.  Remember, I had
specifically briefed Pastor Paugh about the
implications of intercepting Registered U.S.

Now, ask yourself this question:

  How did Pastor Paugh get near the green card?

It think it was Robert Redford who starred
in "The Sting," if I am not mistaken.

Lots of Redford wanna-be's in this country today.

Yep!  Redford wanna-be's -- that's what they are!

Some of them even wear Roman collars!

How 'bout them apples??

/s/ Paul Mitchell

At 03:22 PM 6/13/97 -0500, you wrote:
>At 03:06 PM 6/13/97 -0500, you wrote:
>>Militia members discussed creating a "Special Operations Group" in case
>>the government turned against the people and, according to the
>>documents, argued that the assassinations would not be murder because
>>the militia was fighting government corruption.
>I wonder.  Does the federal government have any contingency plans to
>take out militia leaders in the event of civil unrest, and if so, 
>would that also be considered conspiracy punishable by arrest and
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