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>>From Drudge Report, http://www.drudgereport.com
>Fri Jun 13 13:01:33 1997 ///
>HEADLINE: Bilderberg Meeting of 1997 Assembles...
>The 45th Bilderberg Meeting will be held near Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A.
>12- 15, 1997 to discuss the Atlantic Relationship in a Time of Change.
>others the Conference will discuss NATO, China, Islam, EMU, Energy,
>Growth, Corporate Governance.
>Approximately 120 participants from North America and Europe will attend
>discussions. The meeting is private in order to encourage frank and open
>Bilderberg takes its name from the Hotel where the first meeting took
>in May 1954. That meeting grew out of the concern on both sides of the
>Atlantic that the industrialized democracies in Europe and North America
>were not working together as closely as they should on matters of
>critical importance. It was felt that regular, off-the-record
>discussions would contribute to a better understanding of the complex
>forces and major trends affecting Western nations.
>What is unique about Bilderberg as a forum is (1) the broad cross
>-section of leading citizens, in and out of government, that are
>assembled for nearly three days of purely informal discussion about
>topics of current concern especially in the fields of foreign affairs
>and the international economy, (2) the strong feeling among participants
>that in view of the differing attitudes and experiences of their
>nations, there is a continuous, clear need to develop an understanding
>in which these concerns can be accommodated, and (3) the privacy of the
>meetings, which have no purpose other than to allow participants to
>speak their minds openly and freely.
>At the meetings, no resolutions are proposed, no votes taken, and no
>statements issued. In short, Bilderberg is a flexible and informal
>international leadership-forum in which different viewpoints can be
>expressed and mutual understanding enhanced.
>To ensure full discussion, individuals representing a wide range of
>political and economic points of view are invited. Two-thirds of the
>participants come from Europe and the remainder from the United States
>and Canada. Within this framework, on average about one-third are from
>the government sector and the remaining two-thirds from a variety of
>fields including finance, industry, labour, education and the media.
>Participants are solely invited for their knowledge, experience and
>standing and with reference to the topics on the agenda.
>All participants attend Bilderberg in a private and not in an official
>Participants have agreed not to give interviews to the press during the
>meeting. In contacts with the news media after the conference it is an
>established rule that no attribution should be made to individual
>participants of what was discussed during the meeting.
>There will be no press conference. A list of participants is appended.
>PineIsle Resort near Atlanta, U.S.A.
>June 12-15, 1997
>STATUS 12 June 1997
>    Chairman
>    GB   Carrington, Peter            Former Chairman of the Board,
>                                      International plc; Former
>                                      General, NATO
>    Honorary Secretary General
>    NL   Halberstadt, Victor           Professor of Public Economics,
>                                      University
>    I     Agnelli, Giovanni            Honorary Chairman, Fiat S.p.A.
>    I     Agnelli, Umberto             Chairman, IFIL S.p.A.
>    USA   Allaire, Paul A.             Chairman, Xerox Corporation
>    DK    Andersen, Bodil Nyboe        Governor, Central Bank of Denmark
>    USA  Armacost, Michael H.         President, The Brookings
>    P    Balsemao, Francisco Pinto    Professor of Communication
>                                      University, Lisbon; Chairman,
>                                      S.G.P.S.; Former Prime Minister
>    S     Barnevik Percy               Chairman, ABB Asea Brown Boveri
>    USA  Bartley, Robert L.           Editor, Wall Street Journal
>    CDN  Bassett, Isabel              Parliamentary Assistant to the
>                                      of Finance, Government of Ontario
>    USA  Bentsen, Lloyd M.             Former Secretary of the Treasury;
>                                      Partner, Verner Liipfert Bernhard
>                                      McPherson and Hand, Chartered
>    USA  Berger, Samuel R.             Assistant to the President for
>                                       Security Affairs
>    NL   Bergh, Maarten A. van den    Group Managing Director, Royal
>                                      Dutch/Shell Group of Companies
>    USA  Bergsten, C. Fred             Director, Institute for
>                                      Economics
>    USA   Bernstein Richard            Book Critic, New York Times
>    NL    Beugel, Ernst H. van der     Emeritus Professor of
>                                      Relations, Leiden University;
>                                      Honorary Secretary General of
>                                      Meetings for Europe and Canada
>    TR   Beyazit, Selahattin          Director of Companies
>    INT  Bildt, Carl                  The High Representative
>    TR   Bilgin, Dinc                 Chairman of the Board, Sabah
>                                      A.S.
>    CDN  Black, Conrad M.             Chairman, The Telegraph plc
>    H    Bokros, Lajos                Senior Adviser, The World Bank
>    P    Borges, Antonio              Dean, INSEAD
>    GB   Browne, E. John P.           Group Chief Executive, The British
>                                      Petroleum Company p.l.c.
>    USA  Bryan, John H.               Chairman and CEO, Sara Lee
>    GB   Buchanan, Robin W.T.         Senior Partner, Bain & Company
>    D    Burda, Hubert                Chairman, Burda Media
>    CH   Butler, Hugo                 Editor in Chief, Neue Zurcher
>    GR   Carras, Costa                Director of Companies
>    D    Cartellieri, Ulrich          Member of the Supervisory Board,
>                                      Deutsche Bank AG
>    E    Carvajal Urquijo, Jaime      Chairman and General Manager,
>                                      Iberfomento
>    F    Collomb, Bertrand            Chairman and CEO, Lafarge
>    USA  Corzine, Jon S.              Chairman and CEO, Goldman Sachs &
>    CH   Cotti, Flavio                Federal Councillor and Minister
>                                      Foreign Affairs
>    GB   Cranborne, Robert M.J.C.     Leader of the Opposition in the
>                                      Lords
>    USA   Dam, Kenneth W.              Max Pam Professor of American and
>                                      Foreign Law, The University of
>                                      Chicago Law School
>    GR   David, George A.             Chairman of the Board, Hellenic
>                                      Company S.A.
>    B    Davignon, Etienne            Executive Chairman, Societe
>                                      Belgique; Former Vice Chairman of
>                                      Commission of the European
>    B    Donnea, Francois X. de       Former Minister of Defense; Mayor
>                                      Brussels; Member of Parliament
>    DK   Ellemann-Jensen, Uffe        Chairman, Liberal Party
>    TR   Ercel, Gazi                  Governor, Central Bank of Turkey
>    TR   Erguder, Ustun               Rector, Bosporus University
>    CDN  Frum, David                   Political Commentator
>    USA  Gadiesh, Orit                 Chairman of the Board, Bain &
>                                      Inc.
>    P    Galvao Teles, Jose M.        Lawyer, Member of the Social
>                                      Member of the Council of State
>    F    Gergorin, Jean-Louis         Member of the Board of Directors,
>                                      to the Chairman Strategic
>                                      Matra Hachette
>    USA  Gerstner, Jr., Louis V.      Chairman, IBM Corporation
>    USA  Hamilton, Lee H.             Congressman (D, Indiana)
>    N    Hoegh, Westye                Chairman of the Board, Leif Hoegh
>                                      ASA; Former President, Norwegian
>                                      Shipowners' Association
>    USA  Holbrooke, Richard C.         Former Assistant Secretary for
>                                      Affairs, Vice chairman, CS First
>    GB   Hutton, Will                 Editor, The Observer
>    B    Huyghebaert, Jan             Chairman, Almanij-Kredietbank
>    FIN  Iloniemi, Jaakko             Managing Director, Centre for
>                                      Business and Policy Studies;
>                                      Ambassador to the United States of
>                                      America
>    D    Issing, H.C. Otmar           Member of the Board, Deutsche
>    GB   Jacobi, Mary Jo              Head of Group Public Affairs, HSBC
>                                      Holdings plc; Former US Assistant
>                                      Secretary of Commerce
>    INT  Johnston, Donald J.          Secretary-General, OECD
>    USA  Jordan, Jr., Vernon E.       Senior Partner, Akin, Gump,
>                                      Hauer & Feld, LLP (
>    USA  Kissinger, Henry A.          Former Secretary of State;
>                                      Kissinger Associates, Inc.
>    NL   Korteweg, Pieter             President and CEO, Robeco Group
>    A    Kothbauer, Max               Director of Companies
>    GR   Kiranidiotis, Yannos         Deputy Minister for Foreign
>    F    Levy-Lang, Andre             Chairman of the Board of
>                                      Banque Paribas
>    USA  Lewis, William W.            Director of McKinsey Global
>                                      McKinsey & Company
>    GB   Mabro, Robert E.             Director, Oxford Institute for
>                                      Studies
>    USA  McDonough, William J.         President, Federal Reserve Bank
>                                      New York
>    A    Mitterbauer, Peter           Chairman, Miba AG
>    F     Montbrial, Thierry de        Director, French Institute of
>                                      International Relations; Professor
>                                      Economics, Ecole Polytechnique
>    CDN  Munroe- Blum, Heather         Vice-President, Research and
>                                      International Relations,
>University of
>                                      Toronto
>    N    Myklebust, Egil              Chief Executive, Norsk Hydro
>    D    Nass, Matthias               Managing Editor, Die Zeit
>    NL   Netherlands, Her Majesty the Queen of the
>    FIN  Niinisto, Sauli V.           Minister of Finance
>    USA  Nunn, Sam                    Former Senator (D, Georgia)
>    ICE  Oddsson, David               Prime Minister
>    PL   Olechowski, Andrzej          Chairman, Central Europe Trust,
>    FIN  Ollila, Jorma                President and CEO, Nokia
>    USA  Page, Jr. , John M.           Chief Economist, Middle East and
>                                      Africa Region, The World Bank
>    USA  Powell, Colin L.             Former Chairman, Joint Chiefs of
>    CH   Pury, David de               Chairman, de Pury Pictet
>Turrettini &
>                                      Co. Ltd.
>    IRL  Quinn, Lochlann              Chairman, Allied Irish Bank Group
>    GB   Robertson, Simon             Former Chairman, Kleinwort Benson
>                                      Group plc
>    USA  Rockefeller, David           Chairman, Chase Manhattan Bank
>                                      International Advisory Committee
>    USA  Rockefeller, Sharon Percy    President and CEO, WETA-TV and FM
>    E    Rodriguez Inciarte, Matias   Vice Chairman, Banco de Santander
>    GB   Rell, Eric                   Senior Adviser, SBC Warburg
>    I    Rossella, Carlo              Editor, Editrice La Stampa S.p.A.
>    F    Roy, Olivier                  University Professor and
>                                      Laboratoire Monde Iranien, CNRS
>    CDN  Sabia, Maureen               Corporate Director and President,
>                                      Maureen Sabia International
>    P    Salgado, Ricardo
>          Espirito Santo              President and CEO, Banco Espirito
>    D    Schrempp, Jurgen E.          Chairman of the Board of
>                                      Daimler-Benz AG
>    INT  Schwab, Klaus                President, World Economic Forum
>    DK   Seidenfaden, Toger           Editor in Chief, Politiken A/S
>    USA  Sheinkman, Jack              Chairman of the Board, Amalgamated
>    I    Silvestri, Stefano           Vice President, Istituto Affari
>                                      Internazionali; former
>                                      Defense
>    USA  Stahl, Lesley R.             National Affairs Correspondent,
>    USA  Stephanopoulos, George       Visiting Professor, Columbia
>                                      Former Senior Advisor to the
>                                      for Policy and Strategy
>    H    Suryanyi, Gyorgy             President, National Bank of
>    IRL  Sutherland, Peter D.         Chairman and Managing Director,
>                                      Sachs International; Former
>                                      General, GATT and WTO
>    S    Svedberg, Bjorn              President and CEO, Skandinaviska
>                                      Enskilda Banken
>    TR   Tara, Sinan                  Vice President, Enka Construction
>                                      Ind. Inc.
>    GB   Taylor, J. Martin            Chief Executive, Barclays PLC
>    GB   Villeneuve, Andre-Francois H.Executive Director, Reuters Group
>                                      Holdings plc
>    USA  Vogel, Ezra F.               Henry Ford II Professor of Social
>                                      Sciences, Harvard University
>    USA  Volcker, Paul A.             Chairman, BT Wolfensohn
>    A    Vranitzky, Franz             Former Federal Chancellor
>    INT  Vries, Gijs M. de            Chairman, Liberal Group, European
>                                      Parliament
>    S    Wallenberg, Marcus           Executive Vice President, Investor
>    USA  Weiss, Stanley A.            Chairman, Business Executives for
>                                      National Security, Inc
>    USA  Whitehead, John C.           Former Deputy Secretary of State
>    INT   Wolfensohn, James D.         President, The World Bank
>    D     Wolff von Amerongen, Otto    Chairman and CEO of Otto Wolff
>    USA  Wolfowitz, Paul              Dean, Nitze School of Advanced
>                                      International Studies; Former
>                                      Secretary of Defense for Policy
>    NL   Wijffels, Herman H.F.        Chairman of the Executive Board,
>                                      Rabobank Nederland
>    GB   Yahuda, Michael B.           Professor of International
>                                      London School of Economics
>    USA  Yost, Casimir A.             Director, Institute for the Study
>                                      Diplomacy, School of Foreign
>                                      Georgetown University, Washington
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