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Subject: SLF: Gilberston Appeal

The briefing schedule requires the OPENING BRIEF
to be filed before June 18.  Then, the U.S. has
until July 18 to respond.  Then, we still have
a chance to rebut their response.  So, there 
won't be any "results" until after the court
has been briefed and, possibly, after oral
arguments, which have been requested.  

Gilbertson mailed all 10 copies to the Clerk of
the 8th Circuit yesterday, so we are now GO for
a full-blown examination of numerous constitutional
questions that arose, including of course his major
challenge to the Jury Selection and Service Act.

Gilbertson was convicted of 2 counts of falsifying
a federal income tax return, for reporting only
the income he received from the federal zone.
I was brought in after the conviction.

Yes, I wrote the entire OPENING BRIEF, because
the defendant is now in FPC Duluth, Minnesota.

Thanks for your interest.

/s/ Paul Mitchell

At 09:01 PM 6/13/97 -0400, you wrote:
>Paul, Need to know the results of the Appeal.  Roger wants to know
>	what it's all about.  Was this Opening Brief a product of
>	your expertise?  Damn Good Job, Thanks, Peter

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