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>> *Jus Dare*
>> The IRS can't take your FRN's
>> From:             MCCLOSL@towers.com
>> Subject:          The IRS can't take your FRN's
>> Okay, here's the cite regarding why the IRS can't accept cash (fiat
>> money) as payment of income taxes.  Thanks and God Bless to Dan
>> Meador for the original research.  Our reward must be in heaven,
>> 'cause I sure ain't seen it around here. :)
>> -- Lynda
>Thought I'd write and let you know that Dan Meador is currently, and
>unlawfully being held in the Federal jail.
>Its a semi-long story, but the bottom line is that Dan, in helping
>others ended up being railroaded into the Federal pen.  I will be
>happy to tell the story of how, when, and why, but Dan and his wife
>Gail need help; with pleadings, prayers, and financial aid.
>Dan has come to the aid of all Americans with his research, which has
>been truly brilliant.  Dan, when I first met him and was getting to
>know the man and not just the researcher, he told me about how he came
>to be doing battle with the monster we know as the IRS.  Dan, who came
>to walk with Our Lord many years ago, was specifically called to this
>fight; which is, in my opinion, why so much of his research has been
>so surgicially insightful despite the rather tortured and twisted path
>the code and regulations takes the searcher on.
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>  fight, nothing he cares about more than his personal 
>  safety, is a miserable creature who has no chance of 
>  being free unless made and kept so by the exertions of
>  better men than himself."  --Anonymous.  Seen on a poster
>  at a gun show.
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