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Subject: SLS: client poll (first one!)

Dear Clients,

I would like to poll all of you on a
proposal that has tenaciously stayed
in my head for 72 hours and running.

On the theory that McVeigh is really
working the other side of the fence,
I would like to prepare a formal proposal
to Oklahoma state Representative Charles
Key, as follows:

Federal jury selection is fatally flawed
because of the class discrimination which
is evident in 28 U.S.C. 1865.

The flaw exists for selection of federal 
grand and petit (trial) juries.

McVeigh was indicted by such a flawed grand
jury, and he was convicted by such a flawed
trial jury.  Therefore, his conviction is 
null and void.

The Oklahoma state special grand jury has
been approved by the state Supreme Court.

The People would intervene in McVeigh's
appeal, requesting an indefinite stay of
proceedings, pending the outcome of the
JSSA challenge now before the 8th Circuit.

I would bring the Request for Intervention,
as a private attorney general.

Along with this stay request, the People
would request judicial notice of the
state grand jury proceeding in Oklahoma.

If the Oklahoma jury selection procedure
is similarly flawed, then their state
law should be challenged, and corrected,
at once, so that they can proceed with their 

Rep. Key would be on the leading edge of
this movement, particularly if the Oklahoma
state law(s) need amending.

This would be a wedge into exposing federal 
manipulation of federal grand juries, and also 
federal trial juries as well, a la "The Kick-
Back Racket" and other related themes.

I would like to get your feedback on this
proposal.  This idea has the potential to
thrust jury selection into the limelight,
and buy time for the Oklahoma state grand
jury to get their act together.

I am standing by.

/s/ Paul Mitchell


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