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Subject: SLS: What Became of This?


Notice of Appeal is stalled, until I can
come up with the 9th Circuit docket fee of $105.  

Do you know any generous donors?

/s/ Paul Mitchell

At 03:50 AM 6/15/97 -0700, you wrote:
>Hi Paul,
>   What became of the case refered to below with it's summary?  Your 
>arguments were sensational and I don't see how it could have fail in any 
>way.  I very much wish to know what happend for that case.  Kinda old, I 
>know, just ran over it again, dusted it off, reread it, and Understood 
>what it was saying for the first time <g>.
>           Notice of Refusal for Cause:  Page 12 of 14
>                             SUMMARY
>     Petitioners are entitled to a competent and qualified three-
>judge panel  to preside over this honorable District Court of the
>United States  [sic] and to consider Petitioners' proper petition
>for warrant  of removal.   Chief  Judge Shanstrom is neither a 3-
>judge panel,  nor is  he competent  or qualified  to preside over
>this  honorable  Court,  because  his  judicial  compensation  is
>currently being  diminished by federal income taxes, in violation
>of Article  III, Section  1, of  the U.S.  Constitution,  and  in
>violation of the pivotal holding in Evans v. Gore supra.
>Yours in Liberty,
>ckerr - Sui Juris, juris et de jure

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