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Subject: SLS: Montana's Mean Streets (fwd)

>Montana's Mean Streets ( and Killing Fields)
>Saturday I spoke with the editor of the Chinook Opinion
>and was advised  of a fairly startling development.
>Seems the former sheriff (now rival news editor) has been
>letting it be known that he has been meeting with Montana's
>governor in Helena on private matters. Just another note
>from Montana's mean streets.
>Can't speculate much about the particulars of what was said
>but there is strong and persuasive evidence that Racicot is 
>micromanaging the mini-crises created by the Opinion editorials.
>Seems calls were also made to an Arizona publication which had run a 
>related article last May.
>For more information on the Chinook News War see:
>One of the visits with the governor occurred about the time the
>Chinook Opinion published an unusual article about a large smuggling 
>operation along the Canadian border.
>This is the article which may have been discussed:
>There are not just problems in Chinook,  Joplin, and Shelby have had 
>problems too:
>http://members.aol.com/chiptatum/moore.htm ;
>and not to mention Sidney on the border with North Dakota:
>http://www.imt.net/~mtpatriot/nd_fire.htm. (Bismark Tribune)
>Here's another version of the Wolfe-Madsen murder account:
>All this was dismissed by the authorities in Montana until last year
>out of state reports began to circulate from intel sources that a 
>large scale drug operation had been going on for some time to Montana 
>from Canada. The sources apparently had no contacts with the Montana
>persons involved.
>In writing this little memo I debated whether to call it Montana's 
>"mean streets" or "killing fields".  After looking at the New York 
>Times front page story about Pol Pot I thought I'd use "killing 
>fields" in the title too. The reason is that I've always been 
>interested in observing the end of a man who has such heavy disregard 
>for human life. I'd often wondered if Pol Pot would live to be an old 
>man and perhaps someday be recognized as a statesman. Now it seems 
>that if the news account is true Pol Pot is running desperately to 
>save his life. It is ironic to the extreme that so many modern day 
>tyrants end up hounded by their own machines of destruction.
>Perhaps a desperate conclusion is coming also in Montana.
>It could have been that FBI agent Terry Nelson made payments into 
>accounts controlled by Montana's governor during the course of Cali 
>cartel drug shipments via Canada to Montana and North Dakota. If 
>there is a connection it may explain as many as 35 drug related 
>murders along the Hi-Line border area in Montana. The killings may be
>related to US intel operations gone very badly haywire.
>I have seen Montana's killing fields.

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