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Subject: SLS: The Hamaker Hypothesis (5 of 7)

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                  "Stopping the Coming Ice Age"
                         Mary Beth Crain
                           L.A. Weekly
                         March 15, 1989
Noticed that  your heating  bills tripled this winter?  Well, get
out your  parkas, folks,  because we may be in for more than just
an  idiosyncratic   Northridge  snowfall   in  the  years  ahead.
According to  author Larry Ephron ("The End: The Imminent Ice Age
and How  We Can  Stop It"),  the next  Ice Age is just around the
corner, and  could begin  as soon  as 1993.   With  this sobering
thought  in   mind,  EZTV  has  become  part    of  a  nationally
coordinated campaign  to raise  public  consciousness  about  the
possible "greenhouse effect" that could cause a "holocaust unlike
anything that  has been  conceived," and  is  screening  Ephron's
video based on his book.

"Stopping the  Coming Ice  Age" is  a  terrifying  compendium  of
scientific evidence  illustrating  how  the  earth's  atmosphere,
suffering from  increased carbon  dioxide and other gases, thanks
to the  death of  rain forests,  is falling  prey to a greenhouse
effect, in  which the excess heat trapped by the sun leads to the
evaporation of  moisture, more clouds, and increased snow and ice
in the  polar regions.   This, in turn, leads to more earthquakes
and volcanic  eruptions due  to increased  pressure on the earth,
which then  unleashes more carbon dioxide in a cyclical nightmare
of destruction.   Many  scientists and  environmentalists believe
that we  are hastening  the Ice  Age by  wantonly destroying  our
tropical rain  forests and  excessively burning  fossil fuels and
incinerating garbage,  to name  just a  few sins.   Ephron posits
that the  Ice Age  can be  prevented by  ceasing the  rape of the
land, planting  vast quantities  of new  trees and remineralizing
the earth's  soil ourselves,  but unless  MacDonald's  and  other
global offenders  take the  hint soon, our future thoughts may be
chilling indeed.  At EZTV, Fri.-Sat., 8 p.m.

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