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Subject: SLS: The Hamaker Hypothesis (7 of 7)

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         Alternative 3 and the Global Warming Hypothesis

                         John E. Trumane
                          May 14, 1991

The following is a montage assembled to introduce this topic on a
teleconferencing system known as the Whole Earth 'Lectronic Link
(WELL), an electronic bulletin board located in Sausalito,
California.  By normal standards on the WELL, this montage is
unusually long, in order to cover adequately a subject that is
complex, contemporary, shocking, and challenging.

Is planet Earth in real trouble?

The global warming hypothesis now has scientists scattering in
opposite directions, desperately trying to deal with mounting
evidence, using inadequate theories that are untested and maybe
untestable.  From a past that now seems distant, the American
literary underground has unearthed _Alternative 3_, a work by
Leslie Watkins that has been banned in the United States ever
since its publication in 1979.  Based on the work of scientists
who were convinced, at that time, the planet was doomed to
overheat, _Alternative 3_ makes a number of startling revelations
that were hardly believable then, and are still unbelievable now.
>From the back cover of this controversial book, witness the

     FACT:  The Earth's atmosphere is becoming super-heated and
     unbreathable.  If this trend is not reversed, life on Earth
     is doomed.

     ALTERNATIVE 1:  Blast "chimneys" in the stratosphere with
     nuclear weapons, releasing heat and pollution.

     Project status:  abandoned.

     ALTERNATIVE 2:  Relocate Earth's population in massive
     underground caverns, drawing fresh, cool air from the soil.
     Project status:  abandoned.

     ALTERNATIVE 3:  A bold venture into space built on
     revolutionary technology.  Officially-sanctioned murder, and
     a secret international conspiracy.
     Project status:  unknown.

     Clues to the existence of Alternative 3 encircle the globe
     and stretch millions of miles into space:

          Top scientists vanish without a trace.

          Transmissions from the moon switch to secret
          frequencies hiding astronauts' frantic pleas.

          Transcripts of submarine conferences between the U.S.
          and the U.S.S.R. detailing murder "contracts"

          Coded NASA tapes of a Mars landing on May 22, 1962

     But each fact is only a fragment of the awesome enigma that
     is Alternative 3  -- a super-secret conspiracy between
     America and Russia.  Under the cover of nearly three decades
     of detente and the Cold War smokescreen, this massive and
     terrifying project was conceived  --  the ultimate power
     grab by the super-powers.

     And today it is being implemented ... the kidnappings,
     murders, and experiments have begun.

Now, if that isn't tantalizing enough, a page from inside the
book goes even further:

     These are the strands in a web of conspiracy so monstrous
     the human mind can scarcely grasp its true enormity:

          The frightenly erratic behavior of the climate over the
          last few years.

          The sudden, dramatic rise in UFO activity.

          Astounding revelations of clandestine collaboration in
          space between the USA and the USSR over a period of

          Bizarre features observed on the Moon and Mars  --  but
          for some reason barely mentioned in the media.

          Mounting evidence of unexplained disappearances of
          scientists throughout the world.

     These are just a few of the sinister clues to the
     terrifying, top secret plan unearthed in this courageous
     book.  Piece by piece, investigative journalist Leslie
     Watkins and the research team that produced the shocking and
     controversial British television documentary, ALTERNATIVE 3,
     have assembled the true story behind a shared secret that
     both America and Russia are ruthlessly obsessed with
     guarding  --  but that they can no longer keep silent.

     [from _Alternative 3_, published by Avon Books, 959 Eighth
     Avenue, New York, NY 10019, June 1979]

Surely, this must be science fiction.  Calling it a true story
must have been an advertising gimmick.  What's the verdict?
Evidence from the underground is chilling.  One investigator
entered a large public library on the East Coast of the United
States and requested a copy of the book.  The librarian asked him
to wait a moment, while she summoned the head librarian.  In no
uncertain terms, the head librarian informed him that the book
was not available and "You don't want to read this book."  Was
this enough to turn the tide of opinion against a fiction, in
favor of fact?  Perhaps.  Perhaps not.  Read on.

The story has now erupted above ground, in establishment media.
A recent leak from the Strategic Defense Initiative reveals
hitherto secret plans to develop mighty rockets propelled by jets
of hot gas from nuclear reactors.  The planned thrusts of these
rockets are many times the current capabilities of the largest
chemical rockets.  The nuclear rocket plans were so startling,
they prompted the following editorial in, of all places, the
April 5, 1991 issue of the _San Francisco Chronicle_:


     The notion of powerful rockets propelled by jets of hot gas
     from nuclear reactors naturally inspires the same scientific
     and political concerns that greeted the space-based lasers
     and other directed-energy weapons associated with the Star
     Wars defense program.

     But while most of those early Strategic Defense Initiative
     proposals have long since been scaled back to more realistic
     alternatives, the top secret "Timberwind" nuclear rocket
     project has moved from the drawing boards to the "bending
     metal" stage of development.

     The revelations of the project's existence raise a number of
     critical questions:

     *    If the SDI Office (SDIO) has indeed scaled down its
          space-based visions to land-based alternatives, what
          mission exists for a nuclear-propelled rocket?  "Unless
          SDIO is going to Mars, it has no need for this
          technology," said Steven Aftergood, the Federation of
          American Scientists analyst who revealed the project.

     *    If the rocket is designed for interplanetary travel
          rather than Star Wars, then why all the secrecy?  NASA
          has considered many nuclear rocket proposals, all of
          which have been open to public and congressional

     *    Most important, how can the proposed atmospheric
          flight-testing of the Timberwind rocket be reconciled
          with the sensible and long-standing U.S. government
          policy against the operation of space-based nuclear
          reactors below a stable space orbit?  Even if space-
          based reactors represent little safety risk, as some
          experts claim, the operation of reactors aboard rockets
          flying in Earth's atmosphere unquestionably raises
          serious safety concerns.

     Before too many more millions of tax dollars are invested in
     the Timberwind project, the public deserves some answers.

     [_San Francisco Chronicle_, April 5, 1991, p. A-22]

Is Timberwind just another cover for Alternative 3?  Hopefully
time will tell, if we still have any time left.

The other side of this global controversy is the ice age
prediction of John Hamaker, a mechanical engineer from Purdue.
Hamaker agrees that the Greenhouse Effect is a reality.  Taking
advantage of newer research and his own unique perspective on the
problem, Hamaker also agrees that global warming will occur, but
the distribution of heat will not be uniform.  The equatorial
latitudes will warm faster because the sun's rays are more
vertical.  The polar latitudes will warm slower because the sun's
rays are more slanted.  This heat differential sets in motion a
long chain of ecological events, the connections among which are
insights that originate in Hamaker's brain and apparently not in
establishment meteorology.

The added heat at the equator accelerates the evaporation of
ocean water.  This water vapor ascends quickly and convects to
the nearest pole on winds that travel high in the atmosphere.  As
it moves, the water vapor precipitates out as heavy rains over
mid-latitudes, and eventually as ice and snow over the polar
latitudes.  By releasing its moisture, the dry air is thus cooled
and falls back towards Earth, gaining velocity and losing
temperature as it heads for the equator on winds that travel low
in the atmosphere.  This pattern of winds is called a Hadley
Cell, a technical term well known to meteorologists.  The
resulting thermodynamic system is powerful enough to transport
gigatons of ocean water to the poles, causing a massive buildup
of polar ice and snow, enormous pressure on existing glaciers,
increased earthquake and volcanic activity as tectonic plates
adjust, and eventually the onset of a full blown Ice Age.  The
time frame:  20 years.  We may already be 10 years into the

Hamaker's thesis ties together a large number of ecological
phenomena that are brilliantly explained in a film produced by
the late Dr. Larry Ephron.  The following film review was
published in _Katuah Journal_ in the Spring of 1989:

                  "Stopping the Coming Ice Age"
                           Directed by
                          Larry Ephron

                           Produced by
                       People for a Future

     Looking back, it seems that 1988 was _the_ year for
     important, "new" environmental issues and concerns to
     surface.  In particular, this was the year in which the idea
     of the so-called "greenhouse effect" finally gained public
     acceptance, if not notoriety  --  a year that saw record-
     breaking drought, hurricanes, and forest fires.  Suddenly,
     the idea of global warming was appearing everywhere in the
     media, and it seemed that concerned scientists and
     politicians were unanimous in their support for the global
     warming scenario.

     However, this unanimity is an illusion, media coverage to
     the contrary.  In fact, there is much controversy within the
     scientific community as to the climatic effects and socio-
     political ramifications of the greenhouse effect.  It is far
     from certain that the climate changes we're seeing are
     leading to or caused by global warming.  In fact, there is
     actually considerable evidence that points to a very
     different conclusion:  that the planet may be teetering on
     the brink of another Ice Age.

     One of the foremost proponents of this latter view is John
     Hamaker, a mechanical engineer who has extensively analyzed
     climate and ecological patterns, and has developed a
     comprehensive and holistic approach to understanding global
     climate change.  His theories, expressed in his book _The
     Survival of Civilization_, are now being supported and
     disseminated by a foundation called "People for a Future"
     which recently created a remarkable video presentation:
     "Stopping the Coming Ice Age."

     This video is inspiring, frightening, challenging and very
     informative, as it takes us around the world in search of
     answers.  While Hamaker agrees that the greenhouse effect is
     a very real threat, he believes  --  and backs this up with
     hard data and expert opinion  --  that it will _not_ warm
     the Earth uniformly, but instead will increase the
     temperature _differential_ between the equator and the
     poles, causing increased thermal convection, atmospheric
     turbulence, and rapidly shifting and bizarre weather
     patterns.  In this scenario, high winds moving from the
     equator towards the poles will drop their abundant moisture
     in the higher latitudes in the form of snow and ice, often
     creating drought conditions in the temperate regions.  He
     believes that the tropical and sub-tropical zones will
     indeed get hotter, but the temperate zones are likely to get
     cooler and drier.

     Hamaker's understanding of the greenhouse effect takes us
     far beyond the popularized, watered-down information
     available through the mass media, because he explores deeper
     levels of cause and effect, process and purpose.  The most
     profound information presented in this video concerns the
     connections between the greenhouse effect and the
     development of an ice age, and the importance of
     understanding long-term cycles (100,000 years!) of climate
     change.  The video demonstrates the causal connections
     linking together all the different environmental/
     atmospheric phenomena that combine to bring on an ice age:

     (1)  soil erosion and demineralization

     (2)  the subsequent weakening and dying of the forests

     (3)  the resulting increase in insect infestations, forest
          decay, and massive forest fires

     (4)  the dramatic increase in carbon dioxide released into
          the atmosphere by these natural causes, which induces
          the greenhouse effect

     (5)  and in the 20th century  --  as opposed to 100,000
          years ago  --  man-made pollution and our destructive
          tampering with the natural balance of life are
          intensifying and hastening the process.

     According to Hamaker, an ice age performs a vitally
     necessary natural function.  As the glaciers advance and
     then retreat, they move and grind up immense quantities of
     rock, thus spreading gravel and rock dust over much of the
     temperate zones.  This process, along with the winds that
     help distribute this rock dust even further, gradually
     remineralizes the soil  --  which feeds the plants and
     forests, promoting rapid and healthy growth  --  during
     which time the plants breathe in much of the excess carbon
     dioxide, use the carbon, and release the oxygen back into
     the air which we and all other animals breathe!

     Thus, a primary function of glaciation is to remineralize
     and help reforest the Earth.  The reason this video is
     called "Stopping the Coming Ice Age" is that Hamaker thinks
     we humans can  --  indeed must, if we want our civilization
     to survive  --  remineralize the Earth _ourselves_.  We
     ourselves can fulfill the vital role played by an ice age,
     rendering such a geological event obsolete.

     This means, however, that the governments and peoples of all
     countries and regions would need to make it a top priority
     to remineralize our depleted soils, and also to engage in
     massive reforestation projects, planting billions of trees
     worldwide.  Without healthy forests, we have no chance at
     all of slowing the tremendous buildup of carbon dioxide
     which fuels the greenhouse effect.  As the video puts it,
     "The trees of the world are our best friends now, and only
     they can save us."  Obviously, then, we also need to stop
     clear-cutting our forests, both here and in the tropics, and
     to limit our fossil fuel burning, which has been
     accelerating the greenhouse process.  Only by doing all
     these things, says Hamaker, can we avoid horrific
     consequences for humanity in the very near future.

     The audacity of this theory and this proposal lies in its
     utter simplicity and common-sense quality.  Yet, many people
     may not heed Hamaker's message and information because we
     have become so enamored of "high-tech" solutions and short-
     term planning, gratification and profit.  Hamaker's plan
     demands a clear understanding of our planetary dilemma, and
     a deep commitment to creating a viable future, as well as
     some sacrifice of comfort and convenience.  The video
     concludes with these questions:  "Have we got the guts to do
     it?  How much do we really want to be here?"

     Whether or not Hamaker's proposal is ever implemented on a
     large scale, we can all do things individually and
     collectively to help educate people and help heal the
     planet.  The video points out that, even if these theories
     are not totally "provable", or even completely accurate, we
     should _still_ do the things that Hamaker suggests, for the
     sake of ecological balance, conservation, and planetary

     In addition to the ideas discussed in this review, this
     video explores _many_ other aspects of our ecological and
     social dilemmas  --  many more than can be dealt with here.
     There is so much vital information presented, within such a
     comprehensive framework, that this video ranks as a definite
     "must see" for anyone at all concerned about environmental
     issues and social change.

There is a breathtaking simplicity to the Hamaker thesis:  the
mass of carbon we see in trees comes from the air, and not from
the ground.  This insight was given to me by a humming bird, who
looked me in the eye just inches from my nose, passed the word on
a medium of psychic energy, and died soon after in a killing
frost, the worst I have ever seen anywhere in California.  Was
this a warning?

No sooner have reality and fiction changed places, when _Life_
magazine enters the fray.  The May 1991 issue carries a cover
story entitled "Our Next Home, Mars:  Bringing a Dead World to
Life."  In a sequence of stunning photographs and equally
provocative text, _Life_ editors are bold enough to pose the big
question:  Can a dead world be brought to life?  and to provide a
host of credible answers:  "The greening of the red planet may be
the next giant step for mankind."  The first earthlings will
arrive on Mars between the years 2015 and 2030.

Are these dates realistic, or is _Life_ magazine deliberately
trying to manipulate the news?  Is _Life_ even aware of
_Alternative 3_?  Are George Bush and the other power elites
preparing to abandon planet Earth?  What would happen if the
Secret Government came out in the open for a change?

These are the many questions we will explore in this conference:

         Alternative 3 and the Global Warming Hypothesis

                          #  #  #


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