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Subject: SLS: FREE Austin SEMINAR: Solutions to Out of Control Govt

Dear Clients,


/s/ Paul Mitchell

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>Subject: SNET: FREE Austin SEMINAR: Solutions to Out of Control Govt
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>Hello All!
>Welcome to the June conference to promote solutions to out of control govt.  
>Wes Curtis is promoting this FREE Austin Seminar to enable people with an
>of coherent stratagies for reducing the activities of main stream govt; bring
>govt under control.  He has assembled a panel of advocates for REAL solutions
>to this most vexing problem.  These advocates will speak from a variety of
>perspectives.  Their approaches vary but their aim is the same.  
>Do you wznt to go to a conference where the participants expend more
effort on
>bashing the other guy's approach.  Then DON'T go to this one.  The presenters
>will each stay focused on promoting the approach that they think is best,
>rather than bashing the 'competition.'  
>Wes is determined to forge a platform for presenting a variety of solutions
>let each person in the audience make up thier own mind.  This process will
>produce the ACTIONS needed to solve the problem of overlarge, overactive main
>stream govt.  
>The format of this conferance allows each speaker a few minutes to present an
>overview and then take questions from the audience; a total of aprx 30
>per speaker.  
>This seminar starts June 22 2pm and ends at 7pm and is located at Chariot Inn
>7300 N IH35 in Austin, Texas.  Scheduled speakers include: 
>TeleDemocracy, Greg Ericson 
>the Reform Party, Linda Curtis
>Exposing Mass Media, Alex Jones 343-8513
>Libertarian Party, Terry Liberty Parker & Geoff Neal 326-4787
>Citizens for an Alternative Tax System (CATS), Gary Bidlow 1-800-767-7577
>And More
>This time there is just one seminar in Austin.  The NEXT seminar is being
>promoted for SIMULTANEOUS multiple locations around Texas.  Look for info
>this FIRST seminar (and the ones that will follow) in this forum and others.
>There will be info showing up on public access TV, call-in talk shows; maybe
>even some general media too.  
>If you like this idea, please promote it in whatever way you can all over
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