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Subject: SLS: fyi: NDOS and COPY /U

Dear Clients and Friends,

I found what I was looking for, and
did I strike it rich!

The Norton Utilities for PC's have
a DOS command line processor which
is a vastly improved version of 
the DOS COMMAND.COM processor.

The new COPY command has a "/U" option,
which only overwrites a file if the
source has a more recent time/date stamp.

For example, I have a JAZ drive on G: drive 
and a new Western Digital 4.0GB on E: drive:

   g:\gilberts.dir> copy *.* e:\gilberts.dir /u

will update all files in the target directory
but only with the latest copies of files.
If a file does not exist in the target directory,
then COPY will create an identical copy there.

Here's the documentation from their manual:

  /U   Copy (update) only those source files
       that are newer than a matching target file,
       or where a matching target file does not exist

True to form, NDOS is blazing fast,
and it permitted me to merge several
different copies of several thousand
DOS directories, in no time at all.

It also has some 90 additional DOS
commands, including a vastly improved
batch command processor.

To top it all, it is much smaller than

I am in data heaven!

Many thanks to Peter Norton.  I have no idea
what took me so long to discover this version
of the DOS command processor.

It's terrific!!

/s/ Paul Mitchell

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