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From: Paul Andrew Mitchell [address in tool bar]
Subject: SLS: SPOTLIGHT EXCLUSIVE: OKC Coverup (fwd)

>Ok folks, couple of quick points to make before this excellent report from
>the Spotlight.
>	1. Our Constitution CLEARLY prohibits EX POST FACTO LAWS
>	2. The statutes that Tim McVeigh, guilty or not, is being charged
>           under were past into law AFTER the tragic bombing in Oklahoma
>           City that our Government ALLOWED to occur with TONS of prior
>           knowledge, not unlike Pearl Harbor, Israel's massacre of the USS
>           Liberty, the FBI's particpation in the World Trade Center Bombing
>           (they supplied the LIVE powder), and the sinking of the
>           Lusitania.
>	3. Even if McVeigh is guilty, (i.e. the hammer of the evil part of
>           our gov state, knowing or not), which I doubt he is the more I
>           find out, killing him (the hammer, and not the one using the
>           hammer, i.e. the specific evil individuals in the government) is
>           tantamount to destroying EVIDENCE, the murder weapon if you will,
>           just like they did when they destroyed the Murrah building and
>           the Waco family house/church before independent investigation and
>           complete photographing could occur, just like no xrays exist of
>           Vince Foster, just like JFK's brain disappeared, just like the
>           steel doors to the Waco family home/church "burned up" in the CS
>           gas fueled fire which would have CLEARLY shown trajectories of
>           ATF hitmen's bullets piercing those double sided STEEL doors that
>           DO NOT burn in fires. Remember, hammer's dont kill people,
>           specific faceless evil people within our government do either
>           through commission of omission.  i.e. if a train is heading
>           towards your blind friend looking the other way at you, and you
>           do not signal him, you are a murderer !!!  All ATF at okc, (same
>           individuals who "worked" waco, were given a beeper signal, but no
>           one else except one Judge was given the opportunity to avoid
>           being struck by the train so to speak.  What about the THREE
>           undetonated devices of mammoth proportions according to INITIAL
>           reports at the scene and OFFICIALS of FBI and ATF, who later
>           recanted, what about those devices, who could have had the access
>           to plant those INSIDE the building.  Maybe that is why the ATF
>           did not show up to work that day, I guess that if they planted
>           them that we could certainly call THAT prior knowledge.  (to
>           obtain a tape with original footage see,
>           http://TeamInfinity.com/ookkcc.html)
>	4. If you think Stephan Jones gave Tim McVeigh an adequate,
>    	   let alone any defense whatsoever, THINK again, and listen
>	   to his own words and comments and body language in recent 
>	   news broadcasts.
>	To order the video write: okc@TeamInfinity.com	
>		ralph@TeamInfinity.com
>Why has the 'Fourth Estate' joined the government in its conspiracy of
>silence involving much of the evidence in the Oklahoma City bombing case?
>by tom valentine
>In another sign of just how corrupt our federal government and its
>supporters within the major media have become, evidence continues to mount
>that the FBI and U.S. prosecutors in the Oklahoma City bombing case are
>guilty of the felony of "obstruction of justice."
>What else can it be called?
>Stephen Jones, attorney for Timothy McVeigh, filed a 155-page, carefully
>detailed brief supporting a Writ of Mandamus on March 25 and not a peep has
>to see this Mandamus in its entirety please go to:
>	http://TeamInfinity.com/ookkcc.html
>been heard about this important document from the mainstream media.
>The 10th District Court of Appeals denied the petition, stating simply that
>they agree with Judge Richard Matsch that the material should be "sealed."
>Denying the accused access to documents held by the government, which would
>surely implicate many more perpetrators of the bombing and perhaps even an
>international plot, is certainly obstructing any opportunity for justice.
>It has been more than two years since the death and destruction at the
>Alfred P. Murrah building rocked America. Two years without a trial, but
>with innumerable machinations of propaganda, demonization and emotional
>drama under the guise of "the most massive investigation ever."
>When the trial finally began a few weeks ago, the federal government wasted
>opening day putting on witnesses to the tragedy and pain, who were
>irrelevant as to whether Timothy McVeigh may be the culprit as charged. 
>Judge Matsch, obviously playing his part in the seemingly scripted
>melodrama, allowed the irrelevant testimony. Defense attorney Jones, mindful
>of how it would look to object, did not do so.
>The hyping of the irrelevant testimony merely shows how much more important
>the propaganda value is to the government case than the actual evidence.
>In fact, within weeks of the bombing, the government used a pathetic
>"psychological" excuse to destroy the evidence of the bombed out building.
>Despite opposition to the blatant destruction of evidence, the government
>blasted the rest of the building into rubble, then carted the rubble away
>and buried it.
>Any forensic examination is now impossible. Are we certain that a fertilizer
>bomb did the dirty work; or was it merely a cover for well placed charges
>within the building? Will we ever know?
>In his detailed brief, Jones did not mention the FBI's use of coercion on
>witnesses who saw things the Feds don't wish to discuss, or the FBI's
>falsification of witness reports-all of which has been covered by The
>SPOTLIGHT and Radio Free America.
>The brief calls attention to the conflicts of the government's case and the
>facts. To cite only two examples, the brief states:
>The theory of the prosecution in this case, not the Grand Jury's theory, is
>that the two named Defendants constructed a simple device capable of
>toppling a nine-story building at a public fishing lake and that one of them
>transported this device over two hundred miles without blowing himself up.
>That is the heart of the prosecution's case. Any evidence concerning the
>participation of others, the complexity of the device, or foreign
>involvement takes away the heart of the government's case and there is
>therefore an institutional interest on the part of the government in keeping
>such evidence shielded from the defense and the public. But unfortunately
>for the government such evidence exists. One of the core allegations in the
>Indictment is that Timothy McVeigh rented a Ryder truck at Elliott's Body
>Shop in Junction City, Kansas. The evidence, however, negates McVeigh's
>presence and suggests instead the presence of two other suspects.
>The government's theory is that Timothy McVeigh rented a Ryder truck from
>Elliott's Body Shop using the name "Robert Kling." However, three employees
>of Elliott's Body Shop each informed the FBI that "Kling" was accompanied by
>another man. Eldon Elliott met Robert Kling on Saturday, April 15, 1995, at
>approximately 8:45 a.m. See D.E. 1081 Exhibit "D." On this day, Kling was by
>himself, gave Elliott $281 to rent the truck, and told Elliott that he would
>pick the truck up on Monday at about 4:00 p.m. When Kling came into
>Elliott's on Monday there was, according Elliott, a second individual with
>him. Elliott described the person with Kling as a white male, 5'7" to 5'8",
>and wearing a white cap with blue stripes that headed front to back. He
>described Kling as a white male 5'10" to 5'11", 180 to 185 lbs., with a
>medium build. 
>Vicki Beemer, then the bookkeeper and counter clerk at Elliott's, told the
>FBI on the day of the bombing that a contract to rent a truck was executed
>on Monday, April 17, 1995 with Robert Kling. Id (Exhibit "A"). She verified
>that Kling had reserved the truck and prepaid the contract with cash. Beemer
>told the FBI that she recalled a second person accompanying Kling but that
>she had no specific recollection of that individual. She stated that while
>she processed the contract another employee named Tom Kessenger was sitting
>in the office watching. Id
>Kessenger initially told the FBI that two males came into Elliott's and
>initiated a conversation with Vicki Beemer concerning a rental truck. See
>D.E. 3240 at 7, 10 (Hearing on Motions to Suppress Eyewitness
>Identification-Volume I, February 18, 1997). Kessenger stated that Robert
>Kling was accompanied by the individual that later became known worldwide as
>John Doe 2. He described this person as wearing a black t-shirt, jeans, and
>a ball cap colored Royal blue in the front and white in the back. He also
>stated that John Doe 2 had a tattoo on his upper left arm. However,
>Kessenger has testified that a year and half after he first saw John Doe 2
>at Elliott's Body Shop, the government convinced him that he had made a
>mistake and identified another person who rented a truck on April 18, 1995.
>He described Kling as 5'10, weighing 175 to 185 lbs., green or brown eyes,
>and with a rough complexion or acne. .
>Although Elliott and Kessenger may have been describing the same person they
>saw and knew as Robert Kling-it is clear that neither was describing Timothy
>McVeigh. At the time that McVeigh was booked into the Noble County Jail on
>April 21, 1995, he weighed 160 lbs., stood 6'2", his eyes were blue, and his
>complexion was clear. 
>In addition, the government and defense both have, and it has been
>referenced in open court proceedings, a video tape of the accused at
>McDonald's on I-70 in Junction City, a mile and a third away from Elliott's
>Body Shop. The accused is seen at McDonald's between 3:55 and 4:00 p.m.
>wearing clothes completely different from those ascribed to Robert Kling.
>The accused is supposed to have traveled the 1.3 miles on foot, in less than
>20 minutes, and somehow or the other along the road, changed clothes.
>Oklahoma City Eyewitness
>The government has announced that it will not call a single identification
>witness from Oklahoma City. The government has declined to do so for a very
>good reason-all of them undercut the government's theory of the case;
>perhaps none more so than the dramatic story of a young woman who was
>trapped in the rubble of the Murrah Building, had to have a leg amputated,
>and lost her mother and two children in the bombing. Her sister was also
>injured but survived. She was first interviewed by the FBI on May 3, 1995 at
>the hospital and then again on May 21, 1995. She was also interviewed by the
>Defendant's attorney and several reporters. Her story is consistent in all
>accounts. She stated that she left her home in Oklahoma City at
>approximately 7:15 a.m. on the morning of April 19, 1995, to go to the
>Social Security Office. She went with her mother, two children, and her
>She recalled standing in the lobby of the Social Security Office in the
>Murrah Building near a large window facing Fifth Street when she looked out
>the lobby window and saw a Ryder truck pull into a parking place in front of
>the building between two cars. After the truck parked, she then observed an
>individual exit the passenger side of the Ryder truck and start walking
>away. She stated that she observed a side view of the person and described
>him as an olive-skinned (he looked also like he was tanned), white male,
>wearing a baseball cap with black, clean cut hair, with a slim build and
>also wearing jeans and a jacket. She observed the man walking very fast,
>heading west, toward Harvey Street.
>The next thing she remembered was feeling what she described as electricity
>running through her body and then falling into rocks. While she was in the
>hospital convalescing from her injuries, the FBI showed her a sketch
>consisting of frontal view of a man wearing a hat--John Doe 2. She told the
>FBI that the unknown male that she saw looked similar to the man in the
>Attorney Jones continues for more than one hundred pages in his brief with
>much more exculpatory evidence, all of which has been denied and will not be
>admitted by Judge Richard Matsch who is well-known as an obedient "federal
>man" who does whatever the Justice Department wants him to, even if it
>concerns the real murderers of 168 people in worst terrorist action ever
>seen in the United States.
>>From the day this petition was filed with the court, the major media was
>aware of it. Why have Americans been denied this news? While it proved
>nothing in itself, the details revealed in the brief raise questions that
>require straight answers.
>This just in: BRAND NEW:  COVER UP in OKLAHOMA CITY on VHS tape
>	To obtain this 1 hour VHS Video with original media
>	coverage showing multiple undetonated bombs being
>	recovered INSIDE the building and detailed analysis
>	of coverup send email to: okc@TeamInfinity.com
>El Jeffe, El Capiton, Generalissimo Klintonista speaks out 
>			 	about the US Constitution:
>"When we got organized as a country and we wrote a fairly radical
>Constitution with a radical Bill of Rights, giving a radical amount of
>individual freedom to Americans ..."
>"And so a lot of people say there's too much personal freedom.  When
>personal freedom's being abused, you have to move to limit it.  That's what
>we did in the announcement I made last weekend on the public housing
>projects, about how we're going to have weapon sweeps and more things like
>that to try to make people safer in their communities."
>President Bill Clinton, 3-22-94, MTV's "Enough is Enough"
>"We can't be so fixated on our desire
> to preserve the rights of ordinary Americans ..."
>  Bill Clinton  (USA TODAY, 11 March 1993, page 2A)
>	Why cant any of these be considered a violation of the oath of
>        office to uphold the Constitution and qualify as TREASON !!
>"Gun registration is not enough." Attorney General Janet Reno, December 10,
>1993 (Associated Press) 
>"Waiting periods are only a step. Registration is only a step. The
>prohibition of private firearms is the goal." - Janet Reno
>"What good does it do to ban some guns. All guns should be banned." Sen.
>Howard Metzanbaum 
>"Our task of creating a socialist America can only succeed when those who
>would resist us have been totally disarmed."  Sara Brady, Chairman, Handgun
>Control, to Sen. Howard Metzanbaum, The National Educator, January 1994,
>Page 3. 
>	ralph@TeamInfinity.com  (I can get you SAPF films/tapes/materials,
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