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Subject: SLS: client poll (first one!)

I am not a McVeigh sympathizer either,
but to save our justice system, I do 
think he deserves a fair trial.  If there
is a major flaw in the federal jury selection
and service Act, now is a good time to correct
it.  If a fair trial reveals that McVeigh
is really BATF, then maybe he deserves life
in prison after all, but THAT is for a competent
and qualified jury to decide (emphasis on 
competent and qualified).  I would leverage the
OKC grand jury to indict his accessories and
co-conspirators, under 18 U.S.C. 241.

(I am opposed to capital punishment.)

/s/ Paul Mitchell

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>> Subject:       SLS: client poll (first one!)
>> Dear Clients,
>> I would like to poll all of you on a
>> proposal that has tenaciously stayed
>> in my head for 72 hours and running.
>> On the theory that McVeigh is really
>> working the other side of the fence,
>> I would like to prepare a formal proposal
>> to Oklahoma state Representative Charles
>> Key, as follows:
>No one works on the other side of the fence up throught and including 
>being executed.  Proving government complicity and shedding light on 
>federal manipulation of juries is one thing, but swooping in to 
>rescue McVeigh is something else altogether.  I am not a McVeigh 
>sympathizer, and although you are not either, that is exactly what 
>you will look like.
>In threatened liberty,
>Oral Deckard

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