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Subject: SLS: potential student?

Dear Clients,

Can you help this guy (potential student, maybe)? 

I am busy with a preliminary hearing this morning.

Many thanks.

/s/ Paul Mitchell

>Date: Fri, 6 Jun 1997 00:55:29 -0700 (PDT)
>From: Andy Pierson <andypierson@rocketmail.com>
>Subject: First Amendment issue
>To: pmitch@primenet.com
>I am having a difficult time with the federal and state (Texas)
>governments and thought you might offer some ideas.
>Where do I start without sounding like a nut?  I'm trying to get
>privacy, life and freedom back for me and my family.  It started when
>the IRS wanted a SS# for each claimed dependent, then Texas passed a
>law requiring me to give my SS# and fingerprints for a drivers
>license.  It has esclated to the point where the IRS is adjusting my
>filed return as I refused to give them my childrens #'s (after all,
>the numbers are not MINE and there is the 1974 privacy act to
>consider).  Now I'm trying to get the SSA to take my name off the #
>assigned to me because some time back I losted my wallet with their
>card inside.  It was easy to cancel the credit cards but not the SS
>card.  They have told me to fill out an SS5 or something to get a new
>card but I don't want a new card, I want the old one canceled first. 
>I explained that where I live a SS card found could be very useful to
>someone needing one for employement (Texas).  But they don't offer to
>help.  Now the IRS problem and the kids #'s.  I can kinda understand
>why they want me to have a #, and maybe my wife, but the kids are in
>school and don't worry about having a job or paying taxes or needing
>old age assistance so why have a #???
>Then when I was searching the IRS forms, publications and instructions
>I ran across Title 26, Subtitle F, Chapter 61, Subchapter B, Section
>6109 IDENTIFYING NUMBERS!!!  Now, being a Christian and ordained to
>the office of Deacon, I fully understand Scriptures and looked up this
>familiar passage:
>     "And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free
>and       bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their    
>      foreheads:
>      And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or
>       the name of the beast, or the number of his name."
>That hit me like a ton of bricks, "or the number of his name."  I have
>been told that this number is for old age security, and now I
>questions about my spiritual security.  Have I unknowlingly received
>the "Mark"?  Am I doomed to Hell?  Is my government requiring me go
>against everything I stand for?  I was so willing to get the # (I was
>told I needed it to get my first drivers license at age 14!) these
>thoughts never came to mind.  
>Now I'm wondering if this required SS# or "number of his name"
>violates my family and my religious freedoms guaranteed under the
>First Amendment?  I looked up more of the US code and found title 42
>chapter 21B RELIGIOUS FREEDOM RESTORATION where it states the
>definitions of 'government' and 'state' and 'exercise of religion',
>and goes on to state we are free to exercise our religious freedom
>I really beleive that being required to have an "IDENTIFYING NUMBER"
>(Sec. 6109) to be able to earn a living, get a license to drive, have
>a bank account, file for a return of taxes paid, go to school, start a
>business, have insurance, apply for credit, and what ever else the
>number is used for, is a violation of our Religious freedom.
>Please help if you can.
>Thank You
>Life's tough,
>              Pray Hard!
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