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Subject: SLS: NY Times April 20, 1995: McVeigh (fwd)

>Hey Folks,
>If you're thinking you've been had by the lap dog press in reference to
>OKC . . . read on.
>Devvy Kidd is an excellent researcher.  Some may already be aware of her
>reputation regarding the Federal Reserve.  She has applied the same
>attention to detail in the following post.
>Best regards,
>P.S.  Heading for San Diego for a few days.
>Wow. Let's get to our libraries, kids. This is absolutely fascinating ...
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>Wow!!!  Check this research out.  This is incredible.  Devy Kidd is VERY
>credible.  What great research!!!!!!!!!
>>>>From:	  Devvy.Kidd
>>>>Subject:	 NY Times April 20, 1995
>>>>Date:	 06/14
>>>>Time:	 10:05 PM
>>>>>>FROM: Devvy.Kidd@ix.netcom.com
>>>>DATE:  June 14, 1997
>>>>Re:  Oklahoma City bombing
>>>>I have put together about a ten-page question/suggestion piece for 
>>>>Representative Charles Key and will mail out Monday.  There are many 
>>>>books, articles, etc., on the bombing but for my own search for the 
>>>>truth, I decided that a short compilation of questions by category, 
>>>>along with what we know and would like to know, might be helpful to 
>>>>Charles for the upcoming county grand jury.  
>>>>My final work was done today at the Denver public library and what I 
>>>>found was astounding and very saddening:  I have known for over two 
>>>>years that the government and media lied about what happened that 
>>>>morning.  Going back and reading all the news accounts from beginning 
>>>>to about 72 hours after the second bomb - which most of America has 
>>>>forgotten, made me sick inside.  
>>>>A by-note here:  Judge Dick Matsch "tried to protect the privacy of 
>>>>jurors" to the point that he admitted yesterday that he violated 
>>>>constitutional rights - his words.  This afternoon a press conference 
>>>>was held with most of the jury present!  Now everyone knows who they 
>>>>are.  There they sat, all said they looked at all the evidence - what 
>>>>evidence?  All felt comfortable for sentencing Tim McVeigh to death 
>>>>because they are absolutely sure he drove the Ryder truck, set the 
>>>>detonator and blew up the Murrah Building. I KNOW in my gut that had 
>>>>they heard the testimony of General Ben Partin, they would not have 
>>>>said such things.  Our government and their big prosecution and all 
>>>>their "evidence".  How obscene.
>>>>New York Times, April 20, 1995, front page.  "A car bomb went off 
>>>>I made copies from the NY Times from April 20, 1995 - the 23rd.  What 
>>>>was reported will simply astound you:  from the identification of a 
>>>>bomb by OKC Mayor Ron Nordick [this is on the film Cover-Up in OKC 
>>>>I have been urging people to order and show], to "McVeigh look 
>>>>spotted, to the size of the car bomb, the identification of the car.  
>>>>Amazingly by the 23rd, the car bomb of 1,000# of fertilizer went to a 
>>>>van and THEN to a truck.  Come on - these people are standing right 
>>>>there - you mean to tell me it took three days to identify the car 
>>>>magically turned into a van and then into this big yellow Ryder Truck?
>>>>The same type of yellow Ryder truck in the World Trade Center bombing 
>>>>and the same type of yellow Ryder truck used to cart away all the 
>>>>evidence when the Freemen were arrested?  Christ.  Does anyone see a 
>>>>pattern here?
>>>>The reporting on the truck facility was reported as a dead end - 
>>>>remarkable how that lead all of a sudden became THE place.  The theme 
>>>>for two days was the car bomb and middle-Eastern terrorists - that is 
>>>>until Bunker Billy put a stop to that line of investigation.
>>>>I also made copies from the Denver Post from April 20, 1995 - the 
>>>>Let me tell you how my heart was pounding as I looked at the micro-
>>>>screen sitting in front of me at the library viewing page 10A, April 
>>>>20, 1995 of the Denver Post.  The HUGE photograph on this page is the 
>>>>one and only photo I have ever seen from ground zero taken looking  
>>>>down the street, up close and slightly elevated.  What does this 
>>>>so CLEARLY show?
>>>>This AP photo and all other ones taken by the photographer, that I 
>>>>will be subpeoned by Charles Key for the grand jury, was taken 
>>>>within 10-15 minutes after the two bombs.  There are about 20 people 
>>>>standing ON LEVEL GROUND - no crater. There is a fire truck with the 
>>>>big hoist sitting right where the alleged Ryder truck blew up.  
>>>>the fire truck and the sidewalk, WHICH IS STILL VISIBLE in this photo 
>>>>which leads me to believe it was taken within the time frame I have 
>>>>referenced, is the remains of a car - NOT A TRUCK.  HOWVER, this car 
>>>>damaged from the debris from the building - not from an explosion.  
>>>>This photo is taken even earlier than the helicopter shots on the 
>>>>Cover-Up in OKC film and is incredible.  No Ryder truck, no 30 x 8 
>>>>crater, flat and level street, trees still standing, light poles 
>>>>standing, people walking around on level street - unbelieveable!
>>>>You can clearly see the car across the street in what used to be the 
>>>>Southwest Bell building and where I believe the real car bomb went 
>>>>You can see so much in this photo that I've never seen before that it 
>>>>is almost heart stopping.  I saw on the stupid tube during coverage 
>>>>the trial, the surveillance video of a Ryder truck passing by the 
>>>>Regency Towers five minutes before the first bomb - I wonder where it 
>>>>drove off to?  Yes, people do remember seeing this truck go by and 
>>>>pause in front of the building but I guarantee you - it did not blow 
>>>>in front of that building.  THERE IS NO VISUAL CONFIRMATION of this.
>>>>I made about 40 copies from these two newspapers covering the three 
>>>>days while at the library off the micro-film.  I would encourage 
>>>>everyone to get down to their library and do the same thing before 
>>>>these micro-film segements disappear.  I also encourage everyone to 
>>>>read all the articles in those newspapers listed above for those 
>>>>days.  I'm telling you what you read is exactly what went on and the 
>>>>BIG LIE later shoved down everyone's throats.
>>>>Listening to the jurors tonight on Ch-4 here local, I couldn't help 
>>>>wonder just what it is that they think McVeigh did?  The prosectution 
>>>>used the victims and their families shamlessley, alternating one 
>>>>inbetween each "evidence" witness.  Of course it is so heartbreaking 
>>>>see and hear the horror our fellow Americans lived through that day 
>>>>will live through the rest of their lives, but this was a very 
>>>>matter for the jury to decide.  No fingerprints, no one to place the 
>>>>defendant at the scene, ALL contraditory evidence by the defense 
>>>>by Matsch.  Well, let us hope that all the truth comes out in the 
>>>>county grand jury and if it leads to McVeigh, then it does but I 
>>>>see it at this point - at least not to the point of sentencing 
>>>>to die.  The government didn't prove their case, they manufactured a 
>>>>tale backed up with circumstantial evidence that could have included 
>>>>anyone smeared with the "anti-government" label. 
>>>>As I said this morning in my e-mail in response to the call for 
>>>>execution of Mr. McVeigh by militia members Mr. Olson and Mr. 
>>>>let's look at the real facts, evidence and eyewitness accounts, what 
>>>>can be subpeoned for the county grand jury and pray to God that the 
>>>>truth comes out.  
>>>>If anyone has access to other newspapers in their cities, i.e. larger 
>>>>ones like Dallas, Chicago, etc., their libraries probably have these 
>>>>old issues on micro-film; our big library only carries archives for 
>>>>Times, Denver Pravda and Rocky Mountain Snooze.  Should you gather 
>>>>useful information, I hope you will forward it to:  
>>>>Rep. Charles Key, P.O. Box 75669, Oklahoma City, OK  73147.  If you 
>>>>can, please drop a few bucks in with the information - it's going to 
>>>>cost a fortune for the investigators he needs to do the job right.  I 
>>>>am pledging $25.00/month from now until Thanksgiving - could you do 
>>>>same?  This grand jury is commissioned for a one-year stint and it 
>>>>costs big bucks.  Charles Key has been vilified, smeared and beat up 
>>>>pretty bad by the local media, the govn'r, the AG and DA - let's us 
>>>>please show our support with donations.
>>>>Thank you.  
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