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When the dealer transferred the Manufacturer's
Statement of Origin ("MSO") to the corporate State government,
the State became the real owner, and you became a
"tenant" or "renter" of that vehicle.  You buy
insurance to indemnify the State against improper
operation, equipment failure, etc.  You are "licensed"
to obtain mandatory permission to operate their "vehicle",
just as you would need permission to "drive" someone
else's car (although that someone "else" may be another
"tenant" or "renter" of that vehicle too!)

/s/ Paul Mitchell

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><C J Sheppers>Third, if you want to insure the car against loss, damage,
>accidents, etc. you must turn the property over to the State; the State also
>controls the insurance companies that you will deal with in the case of
>accidents, etc
>Are there alternate methods pf providing oneself with insurance?
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