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Subject: SLS: Query! Oath of Office (fwd)

We are up to the 8th Circuit with our use of
FOIA to request credentials.  Since the judge
in that tax case never produced his oath of
office, nor did anyone else, the defendant
sued him in the DCUS.  Then, at sentencing, the
government went out of their way to bring
this suit to his attention, but he just said
he would "deal with that later."  Well, he
was RIGHT!  :)  Now, the judge is trying to
alter the transcript of the sentencing hearing.

Stay tuned!

/s/ Paul Mitchell

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>[address in tool bar] Failure to file the required bond and to take the
>oath of office is ground for ouster by quo warranto.
>See 51 C.J. 319, note 65;  State v. Bernoudy, 36 Mo. 279;  Respublica v.
Wray, 2
>Yeates (Pa.) 429.
>/s/ Paul Mitchell
>This being the basis of your filing a FOIA request for Janet burn_baby_burn
>Reno's credentials.  BTW how is that process proceeding.  Have you sent
copys of
>your request to members of congress and the judiciary committee?
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