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> Ithaca HOURS - better than dollars
> Paul Glover
> Adapted from an e-mail to the Institute.
> In Ithaca, New York, we've begun to gain control of the social and
> environmental effects of commerce by issuing over $51,000 of our own
> local paper money, to over 950 participants, since 1991.
> Thousands of purchases and many new friendships have been made with
> this cash, and about $500,000 of local trading has been added to the
> Grassroots National Product.
> We printed our own money because we watched Federal dollars come to
> town, shake a few hands, then leave to buy rainforest lumber and fight
> wars. Ithaca HOURS, by contrast, stay in our region to help us hire
> each other. While dollars make us increasingly dependent on
> multinational corporations and bankers, HOURS reinforce community
> trading and expand commerce which is more accountable to our concern
> for ecology and social justice.
> Here's how it works: the Ithaca HOUR is Ithaca's $10 bill, because ten
> dollars per hour is the average of wages/salaries in Tompkins County.
> These HOUR notes, in four denominations, buy plumbing, carpentry,
> electrical work, roofing, nursing, chiropractic, child care, car and
> bike repair, food, spectacles, firewood, gifts and thousands of other
> goods and services.
> Our credit union accepts them for mortgage and loan fees. People pay
> rent with HOURS. The best restaurants in town take them, as do movie
> theatres, bowling alleys, two large locally-owned grocery stores, and
> thirty farmer's market vendors.
> Ithaca's new hourly minimum wage lifts the lowest paid up without
> knocking down higher wages. For example, several of Ithaca's organic
> farmers are paying the highest farm labour wages in the Western
> Hemisphere: $10 of spending power per HOUR. These farmers benefit by
> the HOUR's loyalty to local agriculture. On the other hand, dentists,
> massage therapists and lawyers charging more than the $10 average per
> hour are permitted to collect several HOURS hourly. But we hear
> increasingly of professional
> Everyone who agrees to accept HOURS is paid two HOURS ($20) for being
> listed in our newsletter Ithaca Money. Every eight months they may
> apply to be paid an additional two HOURS, as reward for continuing
> participation. This is how we gradually and carefully increase the per
> capita supply of our money.
> Ithaca Money's 1,200 listings, rivalling the Yellow Pages, are a
> portrait of our community's capability, bringing into the marketplace
> time and skills not employed by the conventional market.
> Residents are proud of income gained by doing work they enjoy. We
> encounter each other as fellow Ithacans, rather than as winners and
> losers scrambling for dollars. The success stories of 250 participants
> published so far testify to the acts of generosity and community that
> our system prompts. We're making a community while making a living. As
> we do so, we relieve the social desperation which has led to
> compulsive shopping and wasted resources.
> At the same time Ithaca's locally-owned stores, which keep more wealth
> local, make sales and get spending power they otherwise would not
> have. And over $4,000 of local currency has been donated to 20
> community organisations so far, by the Barter Potluck, our wide-open
> governing body. As we discover new ways to provide for each other, we
> replace dependence on imports.
> Yet our greater self-reliance, rather than isolating Ithaca, gives us
> more potential to reach outward with ecological export industry. We
> can capitalise new businesses with loans of our own cash. HOUR loans
> are made without interest charges. We regard Ithaca HOURS as real
> money, backed by real people, real time, real skills and tools.
> Dollars, by contrast, are funny money, backed no longer by gold or
> silver but by less than nothing - $4.5 trillion of national debt.
> The designs on Ithaca's notes honours local features we respect, like
> native flowers, powerful waterfalls, crafts, farms and our children.
> Dollars honour slave holders (Washington, Jefferson, Hamilton,
> Jackson) and the monuments of corporate government. Multi-coloured
> HOURS, some printed on locally-made watermarked cattail (marsh reed)
> paper, all with serial numbers, are harder to counterfeit than
> dollars.
> Local currency is a lot of fun, and it's legal - HOURS are taxable
> income when traded for professional goods or services. Local currency
> is also lots of work and responsibility.
> To give other communities a boost, we've been providing a Hometown
> Money Starter Kit. The kit explains step-by-step start-up, and
> maintenance of an HOURS system, and includes forms, laws, articles,
> procedures, insights, samples of Ithaca's HOURS, and issues of Ithaca
> Money. We've sent the kit to over 300 communities in 45 states so far,
> and our example is becoming national.
> To get a kit, send $25.00 (2.5 HOURS option in NY) or $35 from abroad,
> to Ithaca Money, Box 6578, Ithaca, NY 14851, USA (tel 607 273 8025;
> e-mail: <IthacaHour@aol.com).
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