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Subject: SLS: Hillary Clinton betrays U.S. national security (fwd)

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>published in the 11/18 edition of the Washington Weekly
>posted with permission
>                         Editorial
>    At first, the conclusions pointed to by the evidence were too
>far-fetched  to believe. It simply could not be possible that the
>First Lady was at the center of an international spy scandal. But
>the   evidence   now   flowing  in  from  countless  sources  and
>investigations is no longer possible to dismiss.
>    Reporter Jim Norman was the first to make the still  unproven
>allegation  that Hillary Clinton and Vince Foster sold secrets to
>Israel and were the subject of a counterintelligence  probe.  The
>recently  declassified  NSA  documents  confirm  that the company
>Systematics Inc., for which Hillary Clinton was a lawyer, did  do
>contract  work  for  U.S.  spy  agencies  and  thus had access to
>sensitive information. Other NSA  documents  confirm  that  Vince
>Foster  worked  with the NSA on computer espionage issues and was
>in a position where he had equal access to sensitive information.
>    Then came the revelation that possible  Chinese  Intelligence
>operative  and  Lippo  executive John Huang was placed by Hillary
>Clinton in Ron Brown's "Government for Sale" Commerce  Department
>and was given a top security clearance without a background check
>that could have revealed his intelligence affiliations.  The  CIA
>and  Congress are now reportedly engaged in a counterintelligence
>    But last week removed the final vestiges of  disbelief.  Both
>the  Washington  Times  and the London Times now report that Tobi
>Gati, a close friend  of  Hillary  Clinton,  was  placed  in  the
>sensitive   position   of   Assistant   Secretary  of  State  for
>Intelligence and is the subject of  a  counterintelligence  probe
>linking  her  to the Hungarian spy service as well as Russian top
>officials. In addition, it appears Mrs  Gati  illegally  obtained
>two  highly  classified  documents  from  the  National  Security
>    What are we to make of this? What, exactly, is  the  role  of
>Hillary  Clinton?   Is  Hillary  Clinton  facing  indictment as a
>foreign spy? Is that the reason why we  are  now  seeing  Clinton
>administration  officials  running  for  cover  in  unprecedented
>numbers?  Was the national security injunction after the death of
>Vince  Foster designed to give U.S. intelligence agencies time to
>probe the full extent of foreign intelligence penetration of  the
>Clinton  White  House? Or are we going to see another cover-up, a
>graceful exit to avoid  rattling  the  markets  and  fueling  the
>outrage of the populace?
>  Published in the Nov. 18, 1996 Issue of The Washington Weekly
>Copyright (c) 1996 The Washington Weekly (http://www.federal.com)
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