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Subject: SLS: Dan Meador and Jan Gilbertson

>> This is so because ALL the cases which
>> upheld 2 classes of citizenship, did so AFTER that
>> amendment was declared.  Moreover, the cases which held
>> that one can be a state Citizen without also being a
>> federal citizen, did so AFTER that amendment was declared.
>Are there any successful cites to the above?

Yes.  Alabama Supreme Court, and
Louisiana Supreme Court, in chief.
Other lower courts have held the
same thing -- all of them AFTER 1868.

/s/ Paul Mitchell

>Have you attempted to contact Dan or his wife to give them legal assistance?

I was in regular fax communications with Dan
before his incarceration.  Gail knows how to
contact me, but she has not.  I will not do
anything unless they ask for help.  My plate
is quite full right now as it is.

>If they would like your help, but can't afford it, 
>I'd be happy to donate 
>$50 towards covering your expenses.
>I know of one other person who may be in the position to donate.

Thank you very much for your generosity.
I think you should make that offer to
Gail, instead of me.  Then, she can spend
it the way she decides is best.

/s/ Paul Mitchell

>Let me know what you think.
>I believe Dan's work is the best of the best. 
>It's time to come to his rescue.
>Bill Watts


Please don't misunderstand what I am saying here.
The OPENING BRIEF now before the 8th Circuit
covers many of the issues which are most important
to Dan.  Spending lots of energy at this date on
releasing Dan could have the unwanted result of
spreading me too thin, when I need to focus, focus,
focus.  One client already dropped me, because he 
wanted me to pick up the telephone after one ring,
every time he called.  When I tried to explain that
I was submerged in an historic OPENING BRIEF, and
that it was a short-term thing, he decided to start
slandering me around the nation.   And, of course,
he no longer wanted my help on ANY of his cases.

Makes you wonder, doesn't it?

The one thing that comes to mind is to leverage the
OPENING BRIEF to show that Dan was incarcerated by
actions of a federal grand jury which was not a 
legal body.  Why so many Americans have failed to 
appreciate the significance of our challenge to the
federal Jury Selection and Service Act, I do not know.
But, that is one idea that comes to mind, one which 
I can leverage all around the nation, regardless of
circuit or forum.  As it turns out, the several states
also have the same problem with their state jury
selection procedures.  Arizona, for example, says
exactly the same thing about juror qualifications --
must be a "citizen of the United States"!  

There you have it!!

I would like nothing better than to spread this
challenge around the country, and ignite a massive
brush fire (metaphor here!) of protest about government
misclassification of everyone as federal citizens,
when Dyett v. Turner fairly demolished the so-called
14th amendment.  The fraud is so pervasive, that it
invades the voting booth, via the voter registration
forms, and the jury selection procedures as well. 

I think we are beginning to see the end to federal
citizenship, as we have known it for all these
years.  As far as I my situation is concerned, what we
are doing here is really a mop-up operation, because
we have surely taken the high ground, morally and
legally;  it is now time to take the upper hand politically, 
and demonstrate the real power that the People truly do
possess.  The 8th Circuit case is just one example
of what I mean.

On that point, I will soon broadcast a request for
Americans to provide financial assistance to 
Everett C. Gilbertson's spouse, who is an extremely
courageous woman who is trying to keep her farm.
I want to sell certified copies of the OPENING BRIEF
for $25, which will include shipping from Tucson
via Priority U.S. Mail ($3 of the $25).  Each $25
I receive will go towards reducing my invoice to
Everett for the massive amount of legal work which
was required by the OPENING BRIEF.  I would only
ask people who send $25 not to copy the document,
and to pass the word that we are trying to use this
document to raise funds for Everett's appeal.  The
OPENING BRIEF is 50+ pages, so you would pay $25
to the court(@ 50 cents per page) to obtain a 
certified copy from them, anyway.  That $25 is better 
spent defraying Everett's legal bills.

/s/ Paul Mitchell

copy:  Supreme Law School

p.s.  The Supreme Law Firm requires an earnest 
retainer of $500 before we take on ANY case.
Retainers must be paid in cash or blank U.S.
Postal Money Orders ("PAY TO:" line is blank).

> --
>The jury has a right to judge both the
>law as well as the fact in controversy.
>John Jay, first Chief Justice, U.S.
>Supreme Court, in Georgia v. Brailsford,
>To consider the judges as the
>ultimate arbiters of all constitutional
>questions is a very dangerous
>doctrine indeed, and one which
>would place us under the despotism
>of an oligarchy. - Thomas Jefferson
>If we can prevent the government from
>wasting the labors of the people under
>the pretense of caring for them, the
>people will be happy. - Thomas Jefferson
>The Libertarian Party:

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