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Congress refers to the several states as 
"countries" at 28 U.S.C. 297.  This is
the judicial Code, where it counts!

(Title 28 has been enacted into positive law.)

In other words, federal courts are 
required to take formal Notice of this 

/s/ Paul Mitchell

>At 11:48 AM 6/18/97 EDT, David B Wilbur wrote:
>>With so much discussion about "status", state citizenship, etc.
>>I just want to report what I stumbled on in law library where I just
>>to be reading cases on slavery in Missouri Digest 25a page 598.
>>There is a reference to Illinois "before it was a country"
>>Is this interesting, Mr. Wangrud?
>sure post it.
>>Being from that state, I'll mention that it became state (country?) in
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