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  COVER-UP (fwd)

>                            Editorial
>    A Denver jury has found Timothy McVeigh guilty of bombing the
>Murrah  federal  building  in Oklahoma City, and sentenced him to
>death. Be that as it may, the performance of his  defense  lawyer
>Stephen  Jones has been a disappointment. Before the trial began,
>Jones promised to present evidence of a government  cover-up.  He
>didn't  deliver.  In fact, Jones' performance was so poor that he
>was praised for doing a good job by the government newspaper, the
>Washington Post.
>    Now, the  reason  that  Jones  didn't  present  the  promised
>evidence  may  be that Judge Richard Match didn't allow him to do
>so. Match ruled that BATF  informant  Carol  Howe  would  not  be
>allowed  to  testify at the trial.  While she would not have been
>able to testify to the guilt of Tim McVeigh, she certainly  would
>have revealed a larger conspiracy that the government, through 70
>briefings in advance of the bombing, was  aware  of.  That  would
>have placed McVeigh's guilt in context, and could have influenced
>the jury.
>    Match's ruling is typical of a federal system unable to  deal
>honestly with its own guilt.
>    That is why a venue outside the federal  government  must  be
>used  to  hear guilt of federal government agents. Oklahoma state
>Rep. Charles Key  last  week  finally  succeeded  in  forcing  an
>Oklahoma  judge  to  impanel  a  grand jury to hear evidence of a
>cover-up by the federal government.
>    Charles Key's constitutionally guaranteed effort to impanel a
>grand  jury through collection of more than 10,000 signatures has
>been met with obstruction efforts from  Oklahoma  state  Attorney
>General  Drew  Edmondson,  Oklahoma  County District Attorney Bob
>Macy,  State  District  Judge  Charles  Owens  as  well  as   the
>mainstream Oklahoma state press.
>    Key's grand jury  is  the  correct  venue  for  pursuing  the
>government  cover-up.  We must now see to it that its efforts are
>not obstructed by  government  agents  and  by  mainstream  media
>representatives.   Because   he   has   no   support  from  state
>prosecutors, Key depends on financial support from the public for
>the investigative efforts.
>    One witness Key should consider  bringing  before  the  grand
>jury  is  James  Nichols,  brother  of  bombing  defendant  Terry
>Nichols.   "They  (the  court)  have  not  received  all  of  the
>information. There is a lot more to this story than has been told
>in court," James Nichols told CNN  from  Detroit,  Michigan  last
>week.  "If there is a wider conspiracy, which I believe there is,
>it did not include my brother. But Timothy may have been included
>in  there  to  have been set up as a patsy, a fall guy," he said.
>"One or two men could not have done this bombing," said  Nichols,
>who  is  co-writing a book entitled "Freedoms and Conspiracies in
>  Published in the Jun. 16, 1997 issue of The Washington Weekly
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