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Subject: SLS: Impeachment -- A Prelude. (fwd)

>I want to post some very dry and scholarly material on impeachment in 
>British and U.S. systems of government but first something to whet your 
>appetite: the prospect that Clinton will be impeached, perhaps even 
>tried, convicted and executed before Timothy McVeigh. Should that happen 
>I suggest that McVeigh would more justly spend the rest of his life in a 
>lunatic asylum. After all how do you explain the astounding inconsistency 
>of a patriotic person aggrieved by seeing "Waco: the Rules of Engagement" 
>and then going out and committing an atrocity of comparable magnitude?
>   Please refer to http://www.waco93.com and "Perfidy of Federal Assault 
>at Waco" by J.B. Wollstein, The Spotlight of March 17/97. If Wollstein's 
>reporting on the movie is accurate and the movie itself is accurate then 
>Bill Clinton systematically directed a mass murder at Waco.
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