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To: "Craig Alan, Mears" <cmears@southeast.net>
From: Paul Andrew Mitchell [address in tool bar]
Subject: SLF: IRS Liens

Sue the agency which allowed the lien to be recorded.
The IRS is going away, but the rest of Us are going
to be here when they belly up.  Conduct your life
as if the IRS did not even exist.  See "The Cooper File"
in the Supreme Law Library at URL:


for proof positive.

/s/ Paul Mitchell

At 04:21 PM 6/19/97 -0400, you wrote:
>I wonder if you would be kind enough to point me in the direction of someone
>who can help me get my IRS Lien removed. I know what they are doing is not
>kosher because I am not have ATF income and/or not a citizen of the Federal
>States. All letters that I have sent with affidavits to the agency have
>fallen on deaf ears. 
>How do you hook the FISH???
>Appreciate any help you can provide.
>Craig Alan

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As agents of the Most High, we came here to establish justice.  We shall
not leave, until our mission is accomplished and justice reigns eternal.
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