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>I never cease to be amazed with the cool stuff you uncover.
>So, tell me the details of your own "de-taxing".

When I sued Senator-elect Barbara Boxer, I got 
their attention, and their wrath, because
this case proved the 16th amendment is an
utter and total fraud.  Boxer fell totally
silent, as you may already know.

Then, they sued me twice, using an IRS summons,
which I ignored, then 2 Orders to Show Cause ("OSC")
why I should not be compelled to appear with
books and records.

I answered the first OSC, appeared in court,
got ordered to appear anyway.  At the summons
hearing, I took the Fifth Amendment to each
and every question, answering exactly the
same way to each and every question.

The IRS never went back for a contempt hearing.

At the second hearing, I got into a rather
protracted argument with a retired federal judge,
because neither he, nor the U.S. Attorney,
would disclose any IRC liability statutes.  The
courtroom was filled with expensive attorneys,
waiting for hearings on their cases.  The judge
finally threatened me with jail, and it was
then that I knew I had won.  When I walked down
the aisle to leave, the attorneys were frozen in shock.

But, they did move full-speed for an order
to invade my bank safe deposit box.  This was 
revealing, because their own pleadings admitted
they needed a court order!!!

I fell silent in the face of this litigation.

The dramatic moment arrived, when the angry
IRS "Special Agent" walked into that bank,
proudly waiving his COURT ORDER!!!  

Ta Da!!!

Imagine their "feelings" when they opened the
safe deposit box, expecting to find all my
"hidden" assets in there ...

   ... but it was EMPTY!!!

That was the end of their attacks on me.

Oh, I almost forgot:  they did steal $4,000
I had deposited in Wells Fargo Bank, to 
reprint "The Federal Zone."  There were
4 advance payments of $1,000 each, to 
pre-pay for 100 copies @ $10, wholesale.
The Nazis burned books in the square at noon;
the United States just steals the bank account,
so the books never get printed.  This was America,
circa 1993.

Ever since then, I have been on the offensive,
using my knowledge to help litigants in real
trouble in federal courts.  I have spent a lot
of time praying, and have taken a lot of flack,
because Americans, like Greeks, still shoot

It is now becoming rather fun, because the
United States built an extortion racket on
top of a house of cards, on top of a pile of
sand, and the winds of change are now 
blowing up a rather intense storm, which
their house of cards will not withstand,
because the sand will wash away, when the
really big waves hit.

The Jury Selection and Service Act is one
such wave:  it has been proven to be 
unconstitutional, as applied to Citizens
of the several states of the Union.  The
implications of this finding are rather
earth-shaking, and rather far-reaching.
You can vote in Congress, but you cannot
vote in general elections:  this result
is absurd.

For example, they cannot perfect any grand
jury indictments, until they fix this flaw;
when they are forced to fix it, the flood
of Habeas Corpus petitions will swamp the
Department of Justice and the federal 
judiciary, with an unprecedented tidal wave
of litigation.  Unconstitutionality dates from
the moment of enactment, not from the decision
so branding it. 

I want to be in Congress when this tidal wave hits, 
to help with legislation to ease the process of 
freeing a record number of political prisoners 
in America.

The JSSA challenge is now properly before the
8th Circuit Court of Appeals, and the
Solicitor General's office finally called
me, about a month ago.  They know this is
real, and they know they have lost.  When they
dispatch FBI undercover agents, to convince
my clients to believe a vicious lie, that I am
a government agent myself, they must be very
VERY desperate.  

I am not a government agent.  I am an American
whose father took Mt. Surabachi (Iwo Jima), after 
taking a direct hit in his face, blood gushing from
an artery, and yet he had the presence of mind
to carry his severely injured partner 3 miles
back to the beach, where he collapsed in total
exhaustion.  I can share "We Took That Mountain"
with you, upon request.  I lost my brother to
alcohol and cigarettes, and I just lost my mother
to high blood pressure and conventional drug 
therapy.  Dad barely understands what I do.

The existence of two classes of federal
courts is another big wave:  U.S. District Courts ("USDC")
have no criminal jurisdiction WHATSOEVER!!

See 18 U.S.C. 3231 for proof:  it mentions
only the District Court of the United States
(the Article III variant).  The USDC is an
Article IV variant, for federal territories.

Read "Karma and the Federal Courts" in the
Supreme Law Library at the URL below my
name, for a breezy, non-technical expose
of this all important distinction.

I dream some day of writing the bill which
will confer the Congressional Medal of Honor
upon my father.  I hope and pray that he is
still alive to see that day, and accept that
honor, from his very proud son, who learned
how to fight from one of the best America
has ever made.  We can, and will, take this mountain
that we now face;  that is the compelling
metaphor of Mt. Surabachi.  They lost 6,000
men in one month, but that took that mountain.

Freedom is a principle too compelling
to die a wimpering death.

Then, we can all rest in peace, because my
mission would then be accomplished, and the
IRS will then be rusting in peace under the
hull of the Titanic, where it belongs, 
for the rest of eternity.


/s/ Paul Mitchell

 Also, what is the 
>exact translation of Sui Juris?

"Sui"   = of one's own (in Latin)
"Juris" = law (in Latin)

Confer in Black's Law Dictionary, Sixth Edition:

"Sui juris.  Latin.  Of his own right;  possessing
full social and civil rights;  not under any 
legal disability, or the power of another, or
guardianship.  Having capacity to manage one's own
affairs;  not under legal disability to act for
one's self."

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