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Subject: SLS: Special Report on the Shroud of Turin


Thank you very much for this.

It is amazing enough that God would become Man,
but then to suffer torture and murder at the hands 
of His own creation, is indeed a mystery beyond
fathom.  I often think of Mary Magdalene, as
she complained in despair to the gardener at
the cemetery, "Where have you taken his body?"

He responded, "Mary!" and her heart just leaped
from the bottom of despair, to the height of

That is His message:  His Power is so great,
He can transform all of Us, in an instant.

I know this to be true, from direct personal 
experience.  We must only give credit Where
credit is due, and that infinite Power is 
Ours too.

/s/ Paul Mitchell

At 01:00 PM 6/20/97 -0400, you wrote:
>It's happened once again -- The Shroud of Turin was snatched from certain
destruction just as it has been time and again for two thousand years. 
>And it was a near miraculous rescue from the fire that destroyed the
Chapel where it was kept that prevented Christianity's greatest relic from
being reduced to ashes a third time in its long history.
>In what can only be described as a continuing saga of Divine intervention,
the Shroud has been preserved for 20 centuries for what must surely be some
special Divine purpose. 
>For it is impossible to follow the history of the Shroud of Turin without
realizing that God had some specific purpose in allowing this 2,000 year
old artifact to survive both physical threats to its safety and countless
attempts to  prove it a fraud.
>Next year will be the 100th anniversary of the first attempt to photograph
the Shroud -- and the resulting pictures that brought to light its real
nature as being what has been described as the Fifth Gospel.
>Wednesday on the Web editor Phil Brennan has written a small book
recounting the astonishing story of the Shroud. 
>According to Brennan, The Shroud of Turin is not only the authentic burial
Shroud of Jesus Christ, but it also delivers a vital message meant
specifically for this age.
>In Sancta Sindone -- The Shroud of Turin,   Brennan examines some of the
most compelling  historic and scientific evidence of the Shroud's
authenticity  and concludes that  it was simply not possible for anybody in
the 14th century, or even this one for that matter, to have had the
technological expertise needed to create the Shroud image.
>"The idea that it could be a clever forgery is just plain silly," Brennan
>Approaching the subject as an investigative journalist, Brennan shows that
the sudden appearance of strikingly similar artistic depictions of Christ
dating as far back as the 7th century and earlier-- icons that actually
copy such features of the Shroud as wrinkles in the cloth  itself, offers
strong proof that the relic was around and widely known seven centuries
before it first appeared in the West in the mid-1300s.
>Among the evidence Brennan reviewed:
>The Shroud is a photographic negative, and its image has been proven to be
three dimensional. "It's a startlingly clear 3-D photograph of the body of
a crucified man, front and back, who was beaten about the face and scourged
with a two- thonged Roman flagrum -- a whip with bar-bell shaped pieces of
metal embedded near the ends of the thongs ," Brennan explained. "The marks
they left on the body are clearly visible all over the image."
> The image shows that the man on the shroud was crowned with a cap of
thorns, exactly as Christ was. "And Jesus was the only victim of
crucifixion ever known to have been crowned with a cap of thorns," Brennan
>Much of the medical and anatomical information revealed on the Shroud
image was unknown to science even as late as 150 years ago.
> The details of the wounds shown on the image were not visible to the
human eye until the Shroud was photographed for the first time in 1898, and
they are in complete agreement with the biblical accounts of Christ's
passion and death. 
>Space age technology has revealed that there are Roman coins minted by
Pontius Pilate on the eyes of the image. "They conclusively date the Shroud
to the time of Christ," Brennan added.
>"The Shroud reveals  the extent of Christ's terrible sufferings  so
graphically it led Pope Pius XII to exclaim in horror: 'We didn't know;
nobody ever told us,' when he learned about them from Shroud researchers,"
Brennan said.
>The author dismisses three concurrent carbon 14 dating tests which
purported to show the Shroud dates only to the 14th Century, citing new
research that shows that contamination of the relic made accurate dating
>"I have examined the claims of militant skeptics to discredit the Shroud
as a clever forgery and they simply fail to measure up against the
overwhelming weight of evidence of the relic's authenticity. In most cases
they border on the absurd." Brennan writes.
>"The fact remains that the Shroud has been around in the West since  the
14th Century and it was simply impossible for any contemporary forger to
have had the knowledge and technological ability to pull off what would
have been the greatest scientific feat in history -- knowledge and
technological ability not even available today."
>The author says that he wrote the book for those who are unfamiliar with
the background of the Shroud and the mountains of scientific and historical
information a century of intense research has revealed about it.
>"It's an introduction to the Shroud, for those who are intrigued by this
mysterious artifact and want to know more about it ," Brennan explained. "I
avoided getting into the more complicated research because I wanted to help
people understand just how much is known about it without confusing them by
going into great technical detail.
>"Most of all, I want to help the reader grasp the enormous significance I
believe this relic of the crucifixion has for us in these final years of
the 20th century."
>Says Shroud of Turin Research Project member Barrie Schwortz, one of the
experts who examined the Shroud in Turin in 1978, Sancta Sindone  is
"...very well written, easily understood and quite straightforward ... a
good encapsulation if the story of the Shroud ..."
>Schwortz's remarks were echoed by Ian Wilson, the famed Shroud hisorian
who described the book as being compelingly and vividly written.
>The book is adapted from a ten-part series originally published on the
Internet on Wednesday on the Web. It is now available by mail order  from
Wednesday on the Web, 23121 Boca Club Colony Circle, Boca Raton, FL 33433
(561) 391-1322. Price is $6.95 including postage and handling. 
>Contact Wednesday on the Web (http://www.pacg.com/pvbr/)  by E-mail to:

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