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To: Dallas Wickerham <sagebrush@lvnexus.net>
From: Paul Andrew Mitchell [address in tool bar]
Subject: SLS: Property Ownership (was: Atkins Case)

In the version of the U.S. Constitution
which we received from the White House,
in response to a Freedom of Information Act
request for same, the signature of 
George Washington appears as follows:

  Go: Washington [sic]
  Presidt and deputy from Virginia [sic]

Clients of the Supreme Law School get
a complimentary copy of the White House
Constitution, in electronic form, upon
completion of the registration form, 
and upon request.

/s/ Paul Mitchell

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>>Subject: Re: Property Ownership (was: Atkins Case)
>>To: sagebrush@lvnexus.net
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>>Original Written by: IN:csharp@mindspring.com.
>>fwolist@sportsmen.net said on 6/20/97 10:40 AM:
>>>Interesting.  Do you have to make any "reservations" there or give them
>>>any "notice" that you'll be accepting GD mail at the Lilburn PO?
>>Absolutely not.  Just give out that as your 'address',
>>and then go in to the counter, and say you are picking
>>up your mail, give your name, and if they give you a dumb
>>stare like 'huh?', tell them 'general delivery'.
>>Also, there is something called 'General Delivery Service',
>>which is the counterfeit (anyone else ever notice that they
>>always make a counterfeit of something that CANNOT be
>>regulated, that they can then regulate, and try to convince
>>everyone that the counterfeit is the real thing, and that the
>>real thing doesn't exist).  This has to be applied for, and is
>>NOT WHAT YOU WANT. This is just a temporary 'service' offered
>>by the U.S. Postal SERVICE, and has NOTHING to do with the
>>Post OFFICE.
>>They may try to convince you that you need to 'apply' for
>>general delivery, and they may also try to tell you after
>>30 days or so that they are discontinuing your general delivery
>>service.  This they can only do for the 'Service', and not for
>>the excercise of the traditionally vested right.  Also, the 
>>DMM section that they ,ay cite to you as their authority
>>for discontinuing your general delivery mail ONLY states that
>>they only have to HOLD your mail for thirty days. It says
>>NOTHING about termination.
>>>Also, quick question about the ':' between "Marcus" and "Sharp".  I've
>>>seen others use that, but have no idea why.  Ummm... so... *why*?
>>It separates the given Christian appelation (name)
>>from the Family or surname.  I have seen period commas (.,),
>>just periuods, or just commas.  The only reason I chose the
>>colon, is that that is how one of the signers of the Constitution
>>signed their name...I can't remember which one.
>>It simply indicates that this is a Christian name, imho.  I do
>>not think it is absolutely necessary for Christians to do this.
>>In Liberty,
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