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From: Paul Andrew Mitchell [address in tool bar]
Subject: SLF: Fingerprinting in Alabama (fwd)

>From: "Linda Muller" <lmuller@iquest.com>
>Dearest Friends,
>Please forward this to ALL across the Internet and the USA - 
>especially to everyone in Alabama.
>We are in very big trouble here in Alabama. We are about to be issued 
>"Chinese" Drivers Licenses. (see the connection below).
>We will be fingerprinted for all drivers licenses in Alabama - this 
>is a done deal - unless we rise up and stop it! There is a committee  
>- the Regulatory Review Committee - but it won't even bother to meet 
>on this unless the members get some fired up letters from the 
>All of us must write letters to:
>Captain Billy Henderson
>Alabama State Dept. of Public Safety  
>P.O. Box 1511
>Montgomery  AL  36102
>ASAP - these must be received before July 8, 1997 - this is 
>the  *deadline* for submitting comments. 
>Please CC all letters to:
>Gov. Fob James at:
>600 Dexter Avenue, Montgomery, AL 36104
>and send your comments to Michael Ciamarra, the Governor's Policy
>Advisor, at alec@mont.mindspring.com
>also Carla J. Spear
>Manager, Governor's Correspondence Office
>600 Dexter Avenue, Montgomery, AL 36104
>Phone: 334-242-4429; Fax: 334-242-4541
>I will have a web site set up by this weekend and will have the names 
>and contact info for all the committee members and lots of other 
>needed info. 
>The US Taxpayers Party of Alabama formally denounces this "law" and 
>calls on Gov. Fob James to halt, "by force if necessary", this 
>blatent infringement of our rights.
>Will keep you updated.
>FTC, Linda
>PS - The AL Libertarian Party is co-sponsoring this effort with the 
>USTP- AL. If your organization would like to join our coalition 
>please send me a note.
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>From:          beasley@ro.com
>Date:          Wed, 18 Jun 1997 22:02:43 -0500
>To:            lmuller@iquest.com
>Subject:       Trouble
>The following letter to the editor appears on page D2 of the Sunday
>Huntsville Times:
>Stand up against police-state tactics
>Secret police, warrantless searches, government monitoring of all
>citizen's movements -- these are the things we expect to hear about a
>communist dictatorship.  It could never happen here, right?  WRONG!
>The Alabama Department of Public Safety is moving ahead with a plan to
>have all Alabama drivers fingerprinted, and to issue new licences,
>featuring bar-codes carrying personal information about the licensee. 
>The fingerprints and license info will be stored in a computer
>database available to the police (and who knows who else?).  The use
>of these bar codes could lead to the driver's license being scanned
>for info each time an economic transaction takes place.  Sound
>familiar?  "...no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or
>the name of the beast, or the number of his name." -- Revelation
>This program will be a gigantic step toward a police-state.  It will
>drastically infringe on the privacy of individuals, and subject our
>every move to the scrutiny of the state. Alabama's state motto is "We
>Dare Defend Our Rights."  Well, now is the time to defend them, to
>stand up and say NO! to these police-state measures, before it is too
>late.  I urge everyone to contact their state officials and denounce
>fingerprinting and bar-coding of drivers!
>DANIEL V. BOWDEN Louisville, Ala.
>For lots of info on this check out: Repeal the Fingerprint Law 
>"Georgia"  Web Site at:  http://www.mcwebs.com/repeal/
>Other sites that have some info are:
>Thanks to Mike Beasley <beasley@ro.com>
>for the info on this.
>A friend of Mikes sent in this:
>The Research and Planning board of the Department of Public Safety
>has proposed that fingerprinting be made a REQUIREMENT to obtain a
>drivers license in the state of Alabama.  It is my understanding that
>this proposal is "under review" for implementation as a "Promulgated
>Rule". A Promulgated Rule is the process whereby a governmental
>agency is given authority to define the details of a general law.  In
>this case the legislature passed a law stating that a drivers license
>is required for driving on public roads and then authorized the
>Department of Public Safety to fill in the details - all of which
>become state law. 
>Mostly this process is used to handle implementation details, but
>sometimes this process is used to enact laws that a legislator
>doesn't want to vote upon.  These bureaucrats have the authority to
>do this by decree with no public hearings!  We should, at the very
>least, demand that this proposal be voted upon by our elected
>Apparently this idea is truly under review.  I've heard from a
>reliable source that a meeting will be held on July 8 to evaluate the
>public reaction to this move.  Time is of the essence.  If we can
>mobilize enough negative public reaction then the proposal might be
>Here is what each of us should do:
>1.  Contact your elected representatives and ask them what they think 
>of this proposal.  Tell them you think this should be voted on and 
>not enacted by promulgated rule.  The state switchboard can look up 
>your representative:
>2.  Send a letter to the agency.  Be sure to mention Promulgated Rule
>Alabama State Dept. of Public Safety
>Captain Billy Henderson
>P.O. Box 1511
>Montgomery  AL  36102
>3.  Call the Planning and Research board of the Dept. of Public 
>Safety.   1-334-242-4447
>4.  Tell everyone you know.
>The ostensible purpose for this fingerprinting requirement is to
>protect the license holder from fraud as the result of a lost,
>stolen, or counterfeited license.  So, how will this work?  How will
>you, the proper license holder, be protected by this requirement?  
>EVERY TIME your license is requested for identification your finger
>print will be electronically scanned and compared with the one on
>record in Montgomery!  That way, you see, no one else can use your
>license for identification.  This means every time you write a check
>your fingerprints will be scanned.  And think about all the other
>times you drivers license is requested for identification.  The
>possibilities for misuse of this data are colossal.  This is a giant
>step toward a police state and we need to send the message loud and
>clear: NOT IN ALABAMA!. 
>If this thing goes through, I for one, will not submit.  This will
>be a cause, if there ever was one, for civil disobedience.  I hope
>you will consider joining me.
>This info is from Cyndee Parker who is fighting for the repeal in 
>From: "R. Parker" <robertabob@mindspring.com
>Subject: China & Alabama's New Driver's License, Etc.
>Thanks to Jackie Juntti for forwarding this.  Seems like Communist
>China and Alabama have something in common.  For all you Georgian's
>that thought you'd take residency in Alabama, this should turn your
>Sandia unveils the changing face of secure card technologies at
>CardTech/SecurTech '97
>CARROLLTON, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 16, 1997--Sandia Imaging, a
>majority-owned subsidiary of Lasertechnics, Inc. (Nasdaq: LASX) and a
>leader in secure card technologies, will premiere the world's first
>printer that can personalize, print and encode optical cards in a
>single, on-line process, during CardTech/SecurTech '97 in Orlando,
>FL from May 19 through 22. This new technology significantly
>streamlines the printing and encoding process, making highly secure
>optical cards more efficient and less costly for use as health care
>cards and in other industries.
>Sandia will demonstrate its new VIVID 2000(TM) printers, the first and
>only high-volume line of identification printers with on-line optical card
>encoding, at its CardTech booth No. 512. Sandia will also feature
>information at the Canon and Fingerscan booths, and will hold a press
>conference on Tuesday, May 20 at 7:30 a.m., in room 101 of the Orange
>County Convention Center in Orlando. Canon and Sandia: Partners in
>One-Pass Optical Card Encoding
>Developed jointly by Sandia Imaging and Canon USA, the VIVID 2000's
>optical card encoding module incorporates Canon's Society for
>Interchange of Optical Cards (SIOC) optical card technology, thus
>enabling single, one-pass encoding. The VIVID 2000 is a dye
>sublimation card printer, which are among the most reliable printers
>for high-volume productions. All Sandia printers feature two-sided,
>full-bleed, Edge-to-Edge(TM) color printing on one pass.
>According to Sandia President/CEO Jean-Pierre Arnaudo, "Sandia's
>VIVID 2000 printers use a totally automated encoding process that is
>integrated into the product process. Now, for the first time,
>personalized cards can be both printed and encoded on-line in one
>Optical cards that can be read for prizes using Canon's optical card
>reader (at Canon Booth No. 909) will be printed, encoded and issued
>at the Sandia booth (No. 512). Fingerscan(TM) and Sandia
>DataGlyphs(TM) Technologies: A Powerful, Secure Biometric Solution
>Sandia has combined its exclusive DataGlyphs portable database
>software and secure card printing technologies with Fingerscan's
>three dimensional fingerprint imaging capabilities to provide a
>complete secure card solution using biometric data. The innovations
>of this technology can benefit banking and financial institutions,
>national welfare, benefits and immigration programs. In recent
>contracts, technology from Fingerscan has replaced traditional
>password systems at the White House and at the U.S. Strategic Air
>Fingerscan, an Identix company, provides biometric identification in
>the form of a three dimensional scan of a fingerprint, captured when
>a finger is held against a Fingerscan device, a self-contained
>terminal that stores finger records, keeps a log of transactions and
>interacts with other devices. The terminal works by mapping,
>recording and storing data contained in a 3-D scan of various
>dimensions of the entire finger - including skin patterns and
>reflections and blood flow - for subsequent comparison. In the
>Fingerscan/Sandia solution, the biometric images are stored
>unobtrusively in Sandia's DataGlyphs portable memory database
>products. DataGlyphs technology will be demonstrated at Sandia's
>booth No. 512. Fingerscan technology will be demonstrated at the
>Fingerscan booth No. 1242. Coms21 and Sandia: Hand-Held Reader and
>Photo Personalization ID Card Solution
>Sandia and Coms21, currently engaged in an agreement to support the
>People's Republic of China's driver license and national ID card
>program, have partnered to create a fraud-proof solution for
>on-the-spot positive identification of card bearers. This combination
>features Sandia's personalization printing and encoding technologies
>that add photos and encode chips onto smart ID cards. Coms21's
>hand-held smart card readers then provide portable verification of
>cardholders' personalized information by bringing smart-card stored
>photos, text and graphics up on a screen. Technology demonstrations,
>along with more information on this solution, are available at
>Sandia's booth No. 512. Additional Secure Technology Agreements
>Recent agreements announced by Sandia include contracts for the
>issuance of national ID cards for the People's Republic of China over
>the next five years; approximately 10 million fraud-resistant alien
>ID cards for the United States Immigration and Naturalization Service
>over the next three years; 5 million driving licenses for the State
>of Alabama and 7.5 million for the State of New South Wales,
>Sandia Imaging, a leader in secure card technologies, prints and
>encodes highly secure identification cards, including smart cards.
>Its proprietary technologies include the GlyphID(TM) System,
>featuring DataGlyphs(TM), a "chipless" portable database technology
>that is fast becoming a new world standard in secure card encoding
>technology; and the VIVID 2000 family of dye-sublimation secure card
>printers - the world's first printers that can print and encode
>optical cards in a single, on-line process.
>Sandia has regional sales offices throughout the USA and
>distribution outlets worldwide. Sandia and its parent Lasertechnics
>are headquartered in Carrollton, TX. In addition to Sandia Imaging
>Systems, Lasertechnics, Inc., owns Lasertechnics Marking Corporation
>(wholly owned) of Albuquerque, NM, providers of laser marking systems
>and related technologies for a diverse range of industrial and
>commercial markets. Sandia may be contacted at its US headquarters in
>Carrollton, Texas, (972) 407-6080 or by e-mail:
>marketing@sandia.lasx.com. Sandia's website is located at
>www.sandia.lasx.com . (See also: http://www.businesswire.com)
>More new stuff (from others):
>Governor Fob James' # 1-334-242-7994
>I spoke with a lady at the Governor's office and I really believe
>this is the first she had heard of this.  What!?  It is our fault if
>the Governor is not aware of the controversial nature of this Gestapo
>Call the Governor's office now.  Tell them that this should not be
>imposed upon the people of Alabama without being voted on by the
>legislature and signed into law by the Governor.  And point out that
>the Governor could put a stop to this with a phone call.  If he fails
>to do so he will be held accountable for his inaction.
>and also this:
>State officials seem to think that the problem with fingerprinting
>is getting your finger dirty.  They always want to point out that
>there is no ink involved.  That response is so inane it sort of
>throws you. Also, I was told that the print will not be on your
>license, it will be in a central computer in Montgomery - as if that
>is better.
>Note, when you call the Governor's office don't let them transfer
>you to the License Bureau.
>and just minutes ago I got this:
>Subject: Re: drivers' license program
>The situation is indeed quite dire.  I just discovered the following press
>release at Sandia Imaging's web site http://www.lasx.com/sandia.  It is over
>seven months old.  Note the matter-of-fact tone about the implementation
>I realize that I need to put together a position paper on this right away;
>hopefully I can compose something and put it out on this list for your
>comments tonight.  Who can help with its distribution?
>November 7, 1996
>Carrollton, TX - Sandia Imaging Systems, a majority owned subsidiary
>of Lasertechnics, Inc.(NASDAQ:LASX), today announced that it will
>supply its digital card printers to the State of Alabama as part of a
>major upgrade of the state's drivers' license program.
>Jean-Pierre Arnaudo, president and chief executive officer of
>Sandia, said, "We are pleased to help Alabama in its leadership move
>to a secure, fraud-resistant motor vehicle operator card system. 
>Sandia's state-of-the-art printers and technology for drivers'
>licenses and identification cards are proving to be the system of
>Alabama expects to issue about one million new drivers' licenses
>during the first year of the program, with a projected growth of 10
>percent a year, Sandia said. The process will take a four-year cycle
>to supply all Alabama drivers with the new license as they renew. 
>The Sandia system is replacing an 11 year-old system.  Alabama is
>switching to the new license production system to improve the quality
>and timeliness of drivers' license issuance, and to reduce
>counterfeit procurement and fraudulent alteration.
>The state's system, operated by the Alabama Department of Public
>Safety (DPS), will consist of more than 100 issue sites and a central
>production facility housing Sandia's in-line, one-pass production
>printers.  The new system, scheduled to be in operation next year, is
>expected to enhance the quality of support services for law
>enforcement agencies.
>"In addition to providing increased driver license security, the new
>license system will help insure more efficient and reliable customer
>service," said Col. L.N. Hagan, DPS director.  The new system offers
>faster production of the license as applicants receive them within
>one week, rather than three to four weeks required by the current
>system.  The new system also features simplicity of operation at work
>stations and enhanced on-line help for probate judge/license
>commissioner issuing clerks.
>The Sandia system produces fully digitized photos and signatures of
>the holder and combines them with demographic and graphic text, which
>is all printed in a single pass on the front and back of a composite
>polyester-PVC card.  The card's front is three different colors and
>has a secure holographic overlay.  Additional components of the
>Sandia system will prepare the completed drivers' license for mailing
>by attaching it to a carrier form, then folding the form, stuffing it
>into an envelope and stacking it for sealing.
>Bull HN Information Systems, Inc. of Billerica, MA is the prime
>contractor on the project.
>Sandia, based in Carrollton, Texas, designs, produces and markets
>products that print, enhance, store and transmit digitized images for
>customers in specialized markets.  Sandia's parent, Lasertechnics,
>was founded in 1981 and is located in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  It
>has regional sales offices throughout the U.S. and distribution
>outlets worldwide. Lasertechnics' marking subsidiary provides laser
>marking systems and related technologies for a diverse range of
>industrial and commercial markets.
>Thats all for now.  We hope to have something on the web by early next week.
>Thanks again for your help.
>Mike Beasley <beasley@ro.com>
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