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Subject: SLS: Help with Franchise Tax Board ("FTB") in CA CA land

>At 10:50 PM 6/20/97, Dennis Clark wrote:
>>OK, I need some help here from all of you Tax pros out there. I have'nt
>>filed any returns for 2 years now,. Today I got a letter from the
>>California Franchise tax board stating that they did not receive an
>>income tax return for 1995. They wanna know WHASUP! Do I handle them like
>>the IRS? BTW, I have a california state Contractors license, does that
>>make me beholden with Franchise tax board people? Can anyone out there
>>help me out with the way I respond.
>The FTB is much more aggressive than the IRS.
>The fact that the people in CA allow themselves to be terrorized by these
>goons has caused me to loose all respect for CA. Best solution is to move
>to a state where there is no state income tax. In any case, don't feed
>those bastards.
>You basically have two choices:
>1) Fight them on their turf; with administrative and legal paperwork.
>2) Ignore them completely and protect your assets from seizure.
>If you choose the first option, you will spend a lot of time typing letters
>that nobody will pay any attention to. The FTB computer will continue to
>send you more and more threatening letters regardless of what you say in
>response, short of sending them the money they claim you 'owe'. However, if
>you must go this route, you might want to contact the Free Enterprise
>Society. They claim to have won many cases at the administrative level and
>may help you for a fee.
>You should also be aware that if you even raise the question of what makes
>you 'liable' for the tax, you will be labelled a 'tax protester' and
>receive special attention from the collections division. This is not to say
>you cannot beat them at their own game - but is it worth your time?
>If you choose the second option you should expect the FTB to seize any bank
>accounts you have within a year or two - plenty of time to move your
>assets. They will also send threatening letters to your employer (if you
>have one) and attempt to bully your employer into withholding wages and
>sending your money directly to the FTB. FTB operates without any legal
>authority, yet bankers and employers usually do whatever the FTB asks them
>to do, out of fear, and will not require the FTB to follow the law and
>obtain any judgements against you before forking over your money. You can
>of course sue your employer or the banks for conspiring with the FTB to
>unlawfully deprive you of your money if you choose. I do not know if there
>is any court in CA in which you can receive justice, however, since the
>judges are paid from the money the FTB manages to steal from the likes of
>If I were you I would take this as a wake up call to get the hell out of CA
>and join those of us who live in areas where people value freedom more
>- Tom Paine
>"We are free, we are free. We want to be free - that is why we are called
>the Travelling People." - Paul Reyes (Gypsy Kings)
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