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>    President Clinton has shut down economic uses of
>    Alaska's Tongass National Forest, but still wants
>    the forest to provide Washington, D.C., with 60
>    Christmas trees this year. This has so incensed
>    Alaskans that the state legislature passed a
>    resolution stating, "The Alaska legislature
>    recognizes harvesting of Alaska's trees to 
>    provide pleasure for those far removed is
>    symbolic of a failed national policy which has
>    cost southeast Alaska communities thousands of
>    year-round, family-supporting jobs and caused
>    untold personal suffering."
>    Instead, Dick Coose, executive director of 
>    Concerned Alaskans for Resources and Environment
>    (CARE), offered a pine cone in a pot. "The pot
>    can also serve as a reminder to the President
>    that his policies are forcing our economy to go 
>    to pot," he said. Three hundred Western property-
>    rights activists descended on Washington June 7
>    to 11 for the seventh annual "Fly-In for Freedom"
>    at the Washington Courtyard Hotel to protest
>    just this sort of hypocrisy.
>Source: Human Events
>        Capital Briefs, p.2
>        June 20, 1997
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