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If the state grand jury there was
assembled from voter registration
lists, and if the voter registration
form requires the registrant to certify,
under penalty of perjury, that s/he is
a federal citizen, then the law which
convenes grand juries in that state is
unconstitutional.  This would form the
legal basis for a Habeas Corpus petition,
to a court of competent jurisdiction.
For background on this issue, read 
"Juries in Check around the Nation"
in the Supreme Law Library at the URL
below my name.

/s/ Paul Mitchell

At 02:43 AM 6/21/97 -0400, you wrote:
>>From News of the Weird 484:
>* The New York Times reported in December that Odell Sheppard,
>a "middle-aged handyman," had just passed his ninth consecutive
>year of incarceration in Cook County Jail in Chicago, even though he
>has not been charged with a crime.  He was sent to jail for failing to
>reveal the whereabouts of his daughter Deborah, who was the subject of
>a child-custody dispute between Sheppard and Deborah's mother, but
>Sheppard maintains he has no idea where the girl is. 
>This has to be a grand jury system at work. Under the grand jury, 
>people can be kept in jail for indefinite periods of time without 
>charges being filed.
>Anyone have any data on this story?
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