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Subject: SLS: About Grand Juries

This is another way of saying 
a pig won't bathe himself either!

/s/ Paul Mitchell

At 02:20 PM 6/22/97 +0000, you wrote:
>*Jus Dare*
>About Grand Juries
>That is http://www.juri.com/
>Take a visit! Harvey Wysong is authoring this page, and while it 
>looks pretty new (the link to "Grand Jury" goes nowhere yet) the 
>motto: " 'Non se jugulabit porcus.' Isn't that impressive? In 
>English it means, 'A hog won't butcher himself'," is worth a visit to 
>the page. Follow the link to "Operation 372," also.
>And my apologies to FIJA and Jury Power. Their pages have *only* the 
>best stuff! ... but then, I have said that before.  - Dave
>From: swftl@ix.netcom.com
>Subject: grand jury/common law info
>Please check out the Judicial Reform Initiative at www.juri.com/. 
>Also, there's the Fully Informed Jury Association and the Jury Power
>Susan W. Wells
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