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Subject: SLS: general delivery (not corporal punishment:) (fwd)

>><Charles>They may try to convince you that you need to 'apply' for
>>delivery, and they may also try to tell you after 30 days or so that they
>>discontinuing your general delivery service.  This they can only do for
>>'Service', and not for the excercise of the traditionally vested right. 
>>the DMM section that they ,ay cite to you as their authority for
>>your general delivery mail ONLY states that they only have to HOLD your
>mail for
>>thirty days. It says NOTHING about termination.
>Sure, here it is:  DMM Issue 48, 01-01-95, D930, General Delivery, Firm
>Holdouts.  This DMM issue has also been explained in Postal Bulliten 21877
>- September 29, 1994, page 7.
>You also might want to obtain a copy of 'The Story of Our Post Office' ,
>circa 1893, as well as a copy of 'UNITED STATES POSTAL POLICY' by Clyde
>Kelly, circa 1931.  It speaks rather eloquently about "Free Delivery". 
>Another good book would be 'The Post Office Department' by Gerald
>Beware of keywords like "customer" "postal customers" "transient" "without
>charge" and the misuse of other terms.  If you are taking general delivery,
>always use the lower case letters when referring to same and never declare
>yourself to be a customer in any facet of the term.  Always declare
>yourself to be a patron.
>You do know of course, that if you take your mail (notice I didn't say
>'receive') at general delivery, the STATE is going to have a major league
>hard time declaring you to be a resident.
>As I so eloquently told an "Animal Control" person, I don't live in a
>house... I live in my body, and my body is the temple of Christ.  It, with
>me in it, sojournes upon the land at the direction of my sovereign.  She
>may have rolled her eyes and shook her head, but she has never returned.
>Hope everyone's weekend was great.
>William Gordon
>>Do you havea copy of this regulation or a reference where I might look it
>>Carl William Spitzer IV
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